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What Is Fruitwood Color and Is It Better Than Cherry?

Historically, cherry, apple, plum and pear wood were favorites of cabinet makers. In addition to being durable and having beautiful grain...

Color Combinations Cherry Cabinets Cabinet Doors

What Paint Colors Look Best With Cherry Cabinets?

Often, we forget how much of an impact the color of our walls truly makes on the rest of the room. Sometimes, simply changing the paint color in...

Countertops Color Combinations Cherry Kitchen Design

What Countertop Color Looks Best with Cherry Cabinets?

Today’s article will answer the popular cabinetry question: how can I best pair my cherry cabinets with a new countertop color?

The answer is not...

Countertops Cherry

Sweepstakes Winners Choose Classic Cherry

That's right! Those "sweepstakes" you read about do, indeed, have winners. Case in point: at a recent home show where attendees had a chance to...

Cherry Cabinets

Are Cherry Cabinets Still in Style? 3 Examples to Prove They Are

Cherry is one of the most beautiful woods on the market. It's rich, durable and has a timeless presence. Or does it?

Cherry Kitchen Design

Kitchen Designs that Make the Best Memories

"What kind of kitchen remodeling do I choose from? Countertops, cabinets, doors... not enough choices, but too much time."

Cherry Cherry Cherry

What is the Best Cherry Kitchen Renovation Ever?

In our line of work, we get to see everything from the simplest most affordable kitchen renovations to grandiose designer kitchens with...

Custom Cabinetry Cherry Cabinets

Cherry Adds Cheery Touch to this Kitchen Remodel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. of Flemington were faced with a design dilemma. They wanted a kitchen with commercial-look stainless steel appliances, but...

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