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Featured Kitchen Remodel: Allentown, Pennsylvania | Kitchen Magic

Kitchen Design and Style

Noel Kitchen-1 - Large


Kitchen Design in 2024, so far, has been exciting to say the least. We’ve seen trends that have been alive and well for some years now continue to dominate the industry while also seeing a blend traditional styles as well as new, ever-evolving practices coming to the forefront. And this conversation takes us to today’s featured remodel, a gem comfortably nestled in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Upon first impression, you can tell there’s this serene, traditional feeling to the space. White kitchens are here and they’re here to stay. A staple in kitchen design, white cabinetry perfectly blended with other assorted white elements brings a traditional aesthetic to life in this space. And while some may thing traditional means “old”, that’s not inherently the case. Traditional means paying homage to a long lineage of kitchen history, perfectly faceted against the location of such a kitchen, a city deeply rooted in its historical past. 

However, there’s multiple elements at work here that bring this kitchen into the 21st century and make it a prime example of where we’re at in 2024 kitchen design.


Noel Kitchen-12 - Large


Upon first inspection, it’s quite difficult for your eye to not wander towards the showstopper: the waterfall edge island brought to you by Hanstone quartz. Gorgeous, luxurious white quartz with off-color veining dances across this space and spills over the side with precision and grace. Below this island, we see off-color cabinetry that breaks up the space. 

Other honorable mentions to this particular design include modern, bronzed hardware, backsplash lighting, open shelving, and bar-stool seats that make this space feel more contemporary but also functional.


Noel Kitchen-5 - Large


Flooded with light, we see this kitchen bridge multiple styles together in a cacophony of perfectly executed kitchen design, brought to us by in-house remodeling expert, Caleb Cartwright, that worked along with the homeowners to deliver a product we’re proud to be a part of and one that the homeowners can enjoy for years to come and have many cherished memories in.

At Kitchen Magic, we're proud to bring homeowner's dreams to life and deliver exceptional quality and artisanship to every project we complete, just like this one. If you're interested in learning more today about any of the services you've seen featured here, check out our services at or give us a call at 866-525-7999.



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