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The Kitchen Table

Hamilton Style Doors: A New Chapter in Kitchen Design
Want to know what makes Hamilton Style Doors so popular? Read on to learn more about their quality and diversity!
How Good Are Your Oak Cabinets? Are You Ready for an Upgrade?
What is the quality of your oak cabinets? Is it time for an upgrade? Read on to find out how to get started!
Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets for Function and Flow
Want to revamp your cabinets and turn your cluttered kitchen into the workspace you've always wanted? Read on to learn how!
5 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Colors & Styles
Thinking about remodeling your kitchen and want to know what are the latest trends in kitchen cabinets? Keep on reading to find out!
The Perfect Shades of Gray
Are you having trouble finding the right gray shade for your kitchen with so many options to choose from? Read on for 3 expert-approved shades of...
Which Types of Wood Look Best with Espresso Stain?
Espresso stain is popular because of its deep, rich color, but what wood type does it work best on? Read on for tips on choosing the right wood!
Top Benefits of Cabinet Refacing to Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel
Are you planning to remodel your kitchen and wonder whether refacing your cabinets is a good idea? Keep on reading to find out!
Matching your Countertops, Cabinets, and Flooring
Wondering how to coordinate your countertops with cabinets, floors and rest of your kitchen space? Keep on reading to find out!
Maple Kitchens Still Work for Modern Times
Do you want to learn why maple cabinets still make great kitchen cabinets despite popular belief? Take a look at why it remains a great choice for...
4 Smart Ways to Make White Cabinets Work
Are you looking for a way to make your white cabinets stand out and add character to your kitchen? Keep on reading for some expert tips!
5 Ways to Tell If Your Cabinets Need to be Replaced Instead of Refaced
Thinking about a kitchen remodel, but not sure whether to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets? Read on for some pro tips!
3 Types of Kitchens That Are Perfect for Shaker Style Cabinets
Would you like to know what kitchen types go best with shaker-style cabinets and if they’re a cost-effective choice for your home? Read on to find...
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