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What are Touch-to-Open Cabinets?

Pure convenience meets seamless style with Blum’s Touch-to-Open cabinet and drawer systems.

Kitchen Design and Style

Cherry Kitchen Renovation at its Best

As part of our work, we get to see everything from the simplest, most affordable kitchen renovations to the most lavish kitchen designs with...

Kitchen Design and Style

What Is Cabinet Fluting

Although cabinet styles and colors are usually the main ingredients home renovators focus on when trying to spice up bland cabinetry, many other...

Kitchen Design and Style

Designing a Kitchen Message Center: A New Approach

The evolution of open floor plans has genuinely reshaped the character of the kitchen in our homes. Just fifty years ago, the typical kitchen was...

Kitchen Design and Style

5 Kitchen Styles That Never Age

Kitchen design trends, like fashion trends, can quickly change. The yellow cabinets and wooden countertops popular in the 1970s are an outdated...

Cabinets Cost/Budget

Simple & Affordable Cabinet Remodeling Ideas

As the refreshing breeze of spring gives way to the warmth of summer, the home improvement season kicks into high gear. Those who have a substantial...

Organization and Storage

Kitchen Appliances: What's In, What's Out and What's Worth the Money

Whether they’re large or small, vital for cooking meals, or just for a fun experience with friends, kitchen appliances and accessories make it easier...

Kitchen Design and Style

3 Key Elements of a Rustic Kitchen Design

Nobody wants to cook, clean and eat in an old kitchen, but the old-world style is a coveted one all around the world. New style trends have taught us...