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Kitchen Safety

9 Ways to Avoid Dangerous Holiday Kitchen Fires

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful,But the fire is so delightful..."

Those famous lyrics, written by Sammy Kahn, are holiday favorites....

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

Top 5 Kitchen Styles of All Time

Kitchen design trends, like fashion trends, can quickly change. The yellow cabinets and wooden countertops popular in the 1970s are an outdated...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Kitchen Design

Our 7 Favorite Celebrity Kitchens

Celebrities have the means to dine at the finest restaurants and have the convenience of personal chefs, and they also have the means to create...

Kitchen Design Decorative Accents

A Hearth to Warm the Heart of Your Home

We agree that, "the kitchen is the heart of the home." And, we'd add that the kitchen is also the hearth of the home!

A hearth-look in the...

Cabinets Cabinet Doors

How Shaker Style Doors Work for Any Design Taste

Ask us to choose a favorite cabinet door style? Never! We do this for a living so we're emotionally invested in them all.

However, ask us to...

Organization and Storage Kitchen Design Appliances

Seeking Creative Ways to Hide Your Kitchen Appliances?

Ovens, stovetops, and refrigerators may be standard, but that doesn't necessarily mean you like to look at them. Not to mention, the countertop...

Kitchen Remodel Horror Story: Contractor Forged Client's Name!

Larry W. shares his terrible experience with an unreliable contractor and a never-ending kitchen renovation ordeal:

Kitchen Remodel Horror Story: The Vanishing Contractor

Reader Bob H. of Metuchen, NJ, sends us his hauntingly cautionary tale of a not-so-entertaining disappearing act:

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