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Are you ready to make a single change that can open your kitchen space up in exponential ways? Then think about getting rid of those kitchen soffits.

If these bulky additions are not your favorite aesthetic, we can determine whether or not the soffits can be eliminated altogether. We'll work with you to decide which options for kitchen cabinet remodeling will suit your Lehigh Valley residence best if you get the green light on removing soffits and if you don't.


Can you remove kitchen soffits?


Some soffits are structurally necessary, so only a professional can determine whether or not they can be modified or removed safely.

However, many times any wiring, pipes, and/or ductwork that resides behind a soffit can be moved to an internal wall structure — just keep in mind that the extra materials and labor required to do this will add to the overall remodeling budget.






Five Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Replace Soffits

If you have the desire and the ability to remove your soffits, there's some untapped potential for that space and how to redo your kitchen. You can also opt to incorporate soffits into the design. We offer some flexibility for your overall design and your preferred style of cabinet doors. Here are five of the most common design ideas to repurpose or replace your kitchen soffit space.


1. Extend cabinets to the ceiling

Running Cabinets to the Ceiling


Without a bulky kitchen soffit in the way, one remodel idea is to extend the upper cabinetry fully to the ceiling. For example, in the transitional kitchen remodel shown above, the homeowners decided to take their refaced Prestige Square cabinet doors to the ceiling. The height of these new cabinets lends itself to transitional kitchen designs and creates the illusion of more space.


2. Add more cabinets

Cabinets to Replace Soffit


This is an excellent idea for those using refacing to update existing cabinets. We can float a row of new cabinets above existing cabinets to add more storage space. In this case, we recommend considering glass front cabinet doors to open up the visual space while also giving you a way to display seasonal decor or kitchenware.


3. A crowning moment

The extra space gained by soffit-removal gives you the extra headroom for crown molding or more ornate furniture-style trim pieces - like that custom hood you've always wanted.

In cases like this, crown molding provides a versatile design solution that gives cabinets a more customized and finished look and helps to transition from upper cabinets and ceiling.


4. Staggered cabinet design

Crown Molding-1

A similar way to capitalize on kitchen style and decor is to stagger cabinets vertically and horizontally into the newly-opened space. You eliminate the boxiness of the soffits and open up the visual field to add interest to the design or show off collectibles. Display spaces like these are clever ways to add pops of color and pattern to an otherwise timeless, neutral kitchen design.


5. Incorporate the soffit into the design



Can’t remove your soffit because of its contents? This just might be the perfect opportunity to embrace your soffit and incorporate it into the design. Installing additional beams and building on the color scheme can offer interest and marry the soffit to the rest of the kitchen remodel. In this case, we unified the areas, improving the design. Enhance the design with heirloom lantern lights and a coordinating faucet that mimics a spigot in the same finish for a rustic farmhouse look.


Who offers high-quality kitchen cabinet remodeling in Lehigh Valley, PA, and beyond?

Wondering about potential kitchen cabinet remodeling near you? Here’s where Kitchen Magic can help you out. We can give you a better insight into your options and streamline your project from start to finish. We've remodeled nearly 60,000 kitchens throughout Lehigh Valley and other areas in Pennsylvania. This has given us the know-how and design expertise to transform your kitchen with less stress, in less time, and at an amazing value. 

We’ll gladly discuss your needs and requirements in detail, so contact us today for a complimentary in-home consultation and quote!



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