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Household Hints Kitchen Design

Tips & Ideas for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner is, well—both a pleasure and an annual learning opportunity. Planning and preparation are key when your goal is to host ...

Organization and Storage Cabinet Doors

5 Top Benefits of Open Shelving| Kitchen Remodel Monmouth County, NJ

Cabinets are a primary feature in any renovation project. However, the same aesthetic attributes cabinetry adds to a kitchen design - via door panel...

Kitchen Design Islands and Peninsulas

How to Create a Perfect Kitchen Island | Kitchen Remodeling Monmouth County, NJ

A kitchen island adds versatility and beauty to a kitchen. A highly practical addition, a well-made kitchen island can add needed workspace, dining...

Cabinet Doors Cabinet Refacing

Maple Kitchens Still Work for Modern Times

When it's time for a kitchen remodel, it's tempting to take on an "out with the old, and in with the new" mentality. This is understandable, but do...

Hardware and Hinges Kitchen Trends

The 16 Most Popular Knobs and Pulls for Kitchens

So, you've selected your cabinet door style, and you've decided on your finish and colors. Now, you can sit back, relax and…wait! Don't put your feet...

Lighting Hardware and Hinges

Are Kitchen Hardware and Lighting Supposed to Match?

The worlds of fashion design and interior design are closely related, especially in terms of aesthetics. They follow similar trends and style...


How to Utilize Sheet Backsplashes for Stunning Visual Appeal?

Backsplashes add significant visual appeal to the kitchen, protect wall surfaces, and ease the kitchen cleaning and maintenance burden. However, they...

Cabinet Refinishing Cabinet Refacing

Refinish or Reface? What's the Difference?

Refacing and refinishing are two different restoration methods used to improve the appearance of damaged, worn or simply outdated cabinetry. They...

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