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The Kitchen Table

How Good Are Your Oak Cabinets? Are You Ready for an Upgrade?
What is the quality of your oak cabinets? Is it time for an upgrade? Read on to find out how to get started!
Cherry Kitchen Renovation at its Best
We were recently asked about the 'Best Cherry Kitchen Renovation Ever' and we decided to share the answer in our blog article for today.
Designing a Kitchen Message Center: A New Approach
Open floor plans have truly transformed the role of the kitchen. Incorporate a messge center or small home office in your kitchen remodel.
Is it Safe to Clean Your Kitchen with Vinegar?
Want to know what makes vinegar the safest natural cleanser for your kitchen? How does it work? Read on to learn more!
Rethinking Backsplash: Unique Patterns for Standard Tiles
Want to know what is the best shape for a new kitchen backsplash? Is there a way to turn your standard tiles into a statement piece? Read on to find...
10 Ways Cabinet Remodeling Can Transform Your Kitchen
Want to transform your kitchen without changing the layout? Keep reading to find out about 10 updates that only involved changing the cabinets.
A Quick Glimpse Into the Future of Kitchens
Are you curious what the kitchens of tomorrow will look like? Will they be different from the cooking spaces today? Keep on reading and find out!
How Shaker Style Doors Work for Any Design Taste
Looking for a universal door style that will work for any design taste and feel? We have an idea! Keep reading and learn more about shaker-style...
7 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry
Not sure how to organize your kitchen pantry? Would you like to know the easiest way to do this? Keep reading and learn & useful ideas!
Kitchen Desk: Yes or No?
Click below if you’re considering adding a kitchen desk and would like to know whether it’s a good idea or not!
Is Cabinet Resurfacing the Same Thing as Cabinet Refacing?
Is cabinet resurfacing and cabinet refacing the same thing? Is there any other terminology you should know? Keep reading to find out.
Designing an Eco-Friendly Kitchen 101
Are you planning to remodel your kitchen into an environmentally-friendly space? Keep reading and find some useful tips.
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