The Kitchen Table

The Best Ways to Use Glass-Front Cabinets in a Kitchen Design
Planning kitchen remodel some time soon? Find out why glass front cabinet doors are the perfect solution for your kitchen!
White Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops: A Style Guide
Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Here's how to match white cabinets with your kitchen countertops and customize them according to your taste!
Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
Cabinet refacing by Kitchen Magic offers endless colors and styles in both solid wood and laminate. New functions behind drawers and doors, custom...
How to Pair Countertops with Gray Cabinets
The experts at Kitchen Magic share tips on how to coordinate kitchen countertops with gray cabinets for every design style.
3 Ways Kitchen Designs Are Using Cherry Cabinets and Other Dark Woods
There are really inspiring new kitchen design styles using darker wood cabinets. Here's how to use darker wood, even cherry cabinets, for fresh looks.
Design Your Kitchen Display Cabinet Like a Pro
Want to customize your display cabinets like a pro? Whether it be shelves & cubbies, hooks, or storage, your display cabinet can surely meet your...
Beautiful, Customizable & Maintenance-Free Kitchen Cabinets
Laminate kitchen cabinets made with MDF are more durable and attractive than ever. See how these maintenance-free doors can work for your new kitchen.
Pros & Cons of Matte Cabinets and Countertops
Matte cabinets and countertops have taken the kitchen design world by storm. Read on for the good, bad and ugly of this trend to see if it's right...
Modern Simplicity: 9 Striking Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Thinking about remodeling your kitchen and want to know more about some of the timeless cabinet colors? Read on and learn more!
How to Pair Countertop Colors with Dark Cabinets
Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Discover how to match dark wood cabinets with your kitchen countertops and fit them to your style
Which Paint Colors Look Best with White Cabinets?
Learn which paint colors are trending, and how to pair your color palette with white kitchen cabinets. Plus, get inspiration from photos of kitchens...
The Difference Between Cabinet-Grade & Furniture-Grade Wood Cabinets
There are generally two types of wood grades found in the cabinet world: cabinet-grade and furniture-grade. One is far superior than the other in...
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