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Lighting Hardware and Hinges

Are Kitchen Hardware and Lighting Supposed to Match?

The worlds of fashion design and interior design are closely related, especially in terms of aesthetics. They follow similar trends and style...


Kitchen Lighting Isn't an Afterthought: Create a Design That Shines

Head into any circa-1990s kitchen and turn on the lights. Odds are you'll be greeted with the very unattractive and downright harsh glare of...

Kitchen Design Lighting

Kitchen Task Lighting Concepts That Take on a New Hue

We know the kitchen is the work horse of the home where everything happens. Whether you’re preparing dinner, entertaining or have finally...

Kitchen Design Lighting

6 Ways to Tap into Natural Light and Brighten up Your Kitchen Space

Daylighting is so important to a kitchen's design. Not only does it reduce energy spending, but infusing your kitchen with natural light makes it...

Lighting Kitchen Design Decorative Accents

How to Incorporate Antique Lighting into Your Kitchen Design

Sometimes, clients are so hung up on specific design styles, they forget we don't have to play by the rules. You can have a traditional farmhouse...


Brighten up Your Kitchen with Skylights and Solar Tubes

Natural light is always the preferred choice during daylight hours. Your kitchen's colors, accents and design details will look the most vibrant...


Under-Cabinet Light and Over-Sink Cabinets

It may be dark outside during winter, but it doesn't have to be dark inside your kitchen.

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face is...

Kitchen Design Lighting

5 Types of Kitchen Lighting

If you’ve read our blog article, “Kitchen Lighting and Why it Matters to You,” then you already know how important lighting is in your kitchen....

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