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Hardware and Hinges Kitchen Trends

The 16 Most Popular Knobs and Pulls for Kitchens

So, you've selected your cabinet door style, and you've decided on your finish and colors. Now, you can sit back, relax and…wait! Don't put your feet...

Lighting Hardware and Hinges

Are Kitchen Hardware and Lighting Supposed to Match?

The worlds of fashion design and interior design are closely related, especially in terms of aesthetics. They follow similar trends and style...

Accessories Hardware and Hinges

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: Chrome, Nickel and Stainless Steel

Whether you’re completing a full kitchen remodel or simply looking to add a few finishing dashes of spice to your project, kitchen cabinet hardware...

Accessories Hardware and Hinges

Bronze, Brass, & Black Cabinet Hardware Demystified

Bronze, brass and black cabinet hardware are trending. While there are similarities between their warmer (and, often, darker) appearance, they're not...

Hardware and Hinges Cabinet Doors

5 Door Styles and Hardware Combos You Will Love

Your cabinet door styles aren't the only thing that change the look or feel of your kitchen. The hardware you select - knobs and pulls - will also...

Hardware and Hinges

Brass From the Past: How to Update Your Outdated Hardware

Have you seen the movie, "Blast From the Past," starring Brendan Fraser? If not, put it in the Netflix Queue because it's awesome. But, if we were...

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