The Kitchen Table

Upcycling for Your Kitchen Remodel
Explore the art of upcycling for your kitchen remodel with reclaimed wood, salvaged fixtures, repurposed furniture, and more. Transform your space...
Creating a High-End Kitchen on a Budget: Secrets from the Pros
Designer doesn't always mean more dollar signs. Find out how you can get a high-end kitchen for less in this blog!
Tips for a Timeless Kitchen Remodel
Looking to remodel your kitchen? Want a significant return on your investment? Read more to find out how you can have both.
Basic Kitchen Remodel Costs
Would you like to know how much it would cost to remodel a kitchen? How long does it take to get a quote for the upcoming project? Read on to find...
How to Save Money On Your Kitchen Remodeling Project
You’re thinking about a kitchen remodel but not sure how to set a reasonable kitchen budget and plan all the renovation details? Read on to find out!
How much should I spend on my kitchen renovation?
You’re planning a kitchen remodel and wondering how to budget the upcoming project and what will cost you the most? Read on for some pro tips!
Protecting Your Investment - Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Cabinets can be a big part of your kitchen remodeling budget, so you’ll want to preserve them. Check out these tips on how to clean cabinets to...
How to Create a Realistic Kitchen Remodeling Budget
Planning a budget for your kitchen project can have its unique challenges. With our tips at hand, you'll be on your way to your dream kitchen!
7 Reasons Kitchen Remodels Go Over Budget
After 40+ years in the kitchen remodeling business, we've learned a thing or two - and we've also observed some common patterns. In our experience,...
5 Simple Ways to Add Detail to Your Kitchen
5 simple that will help you add that little extra 'something' to your kitchen design.
How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?
Want to know what is a realistic budget for a kitchen and how to set it up? Where can I find experienced contractors to help you out? Read on to...
Is Kitchen Magic Expensive?
We are all on a budget and rarely seek out the more expensive things. Can we still have both affordability and quality?
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