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Antimicrobial Surfaces Kitchen Safety

Kitchen Safety: Preventing Food Poisoning in Your Home

September is National Food Safety Education Month and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “an estimated 1 in 6...

Countertops Antimicrobial Surfaces

What Does Non-Porous Countertop Mean, and Why Does It Matter?

We hear the word nonporous used a lot as a selling feature for countertops and other kitchen necessities, but do we really know what this term means?...

Cleaning Antimicrobial Surfaces

Use Anti-Microbial Mats for a Hygienic and Safe Kitchen

Just when you finish your beautiful new kitchen design, you learn that - gasp - the kitchen is listed as one of the 11 dirtiest places in the...

Custom Cabinetry Affordable Remodeling Ideas Antimicrobial Surfaces

Spring Refaces the Outdoors, but What about the Kitchen?

It is no accident that the spring season has long been associated with the concept of renewal. Soon after a harsh winter where the world around us...

Cleaning Antimicrobial Surfaces Accessories

Ten Things You Hate About Your Kitchen

We asked our friends for list of 10 things they hate about their kitchen and this is what we recieved. Keep in mind, they were not writing about...

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