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The Kitchen Table

What's NOT Trending and Why You Need It in Your Kitchen
Dare to be different! Use trends to your advantage, creating a unique space that's completely your own!
Reviving Retro: Remodel a Retro Kitchen, but Keep the Charm
Love that nostalgic feel in your kitchen? Read more about how you can incorporate this into your space!
Cottage Style Kitchen Design
Cottage style design and a comfortable and cozy option for your next remodel. Learn how to bring these elements to your kitchen!
The Art of Open Shelving
Open shelving can be a great addition to your next remodel. Learn how to bring this functional design element into your home today!
Industrial Style Kitchen Design
Learn how to bring industrial style design elements into your next remodel with this quick read!
How to Design a Small Kitchen
Curious to how make the most out of your current kitchen space? Here's some design considerations for your next remodel!
Everything You Need to Know about Biophilic Kitchen Design
Biophilic kitchen design is a trend that shows no signs of going out of style. Learn how to bring biophilic elements into your kitchen today!
Iconic TV Kitchens: Full House
Nostalgia is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Full House kitchen and all the memories shared there by the Tanner family. Enjoy...
6 Reasons an Empty Nest Means It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel
Empty nest? Looking at your next home improvement project? Check this out to find out why an empty nest is the perfect time for a kitchen remodel!
How to get creative with your Backsplash
The backsplash can be a signature element of your remodel. Splash into these tips and tricks to learn how to elevate your kitchen!
Trending Kitchen Accessories in 2023
Curious about what's trending in kitchen design in 2023? This article tackles all of the stylish, up and coming accessories that are making waves.
Iconic TV Kitchens: Breaking Bad
It's time to cook. Learn what kitchen elements make up the iconic Breaking Bad kitchen of the Walter White family.
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