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Kitchen Design Islands and Peninsulas

7 Signs Your Kitchen May Be Stuck in the 80's

Waiting for a few kitchen decor trends to return? Don't hold your breath. Design research shows that fads always reveal age. When a home trend...

Corian Sinks

Stainless Steel and Other Options for Your Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel sinks have served as workhorses in the contemporary kitchen design world for over a century now. And, while they'll always be a...

Kitchen Design

Classic Blue Hues for Your Kitchen

From the start of the 20th century, kitchen design has celebrated a highly diverse palette. A glimpse through the decades reveals a multitude of...


Reflecting on the Best Ways to Use Glass-Front Cabinets


Glass-front cabinets are a welcome addition to any kitchen design. Not only can they break up the monotony of repetitive...

Custom Cabinetry Affordable Remodeling Ideas Organization and Storage Tips

How to Use Kitchen Cabinets in Other Spaces at Home

Cabinetry is trending across home design and social media channels as the essential fixture in every room from the kitchen and beyond. And, for good...

Kitchen Design

Raised Panel vs. Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet door styles can often be overgeneralized without providing homeowners with a full-picture understanding. This certainly seems to be...

Kitchen Design

Give Your Kitchen a Mood Lift With These Design Tips

Did you know that the design of your kitchen, or any room in your home, your mood? That's right! So, how do you design a kitchen that both inspires...

What is The Average Time to Complete a Kitchen Remodel?

REMODELED KITCHEN PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Giannelli Photography

When you're thinking about a kitchen remodel, one question that is bound to come up...

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