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What's the Best Kitchen Countertop: Corian, Quartz or Granite?

You already know the answer to this one, right? Whichever countertop makes the most sense for your household, kitchen use and style preferences....


Mourning a Marble Countertop? Here are Durable, Affordable Alternatives

Marble is gorgeous; it's soft, luxurious look and textures (the velvet of the natural stone world) are hard to resist. The problem, aside from...

Countertops Granite

5 Most Popular Granite Countertop Colors [UPDATED]

Granite has been one of the most popular countertop materials among homeowners and designers alike. And it's easy to see why—granite is a...

Countertops Color Combinations Cherry Kitchen Design

What Countertop Color Looks Best with Cherry Cabinets?

Today’s article will answer the popular cabinetry question: how can I best pair my cherry cabinets with a new countertop color?

The answer is not...

Small Kitchens Countertops

3 Countertop Edge Styles That Work Best in Small Kitchens

Many people believe that kitchen countertop edges don’t matter and select an edge for a remodel based only on personal preference or impulse. One...


Waterfall Edges for Kitchen Countertops and Islands

Are you an HGTV and home décor addict, er, fan? Then you know waterfall edges for countertops is trending in a major way, and more and more...

Countertops Cabinets Kitchen Installation

The Risks of Replacing Your Countertop Before Your Cabinets

On the one hand, we could say, "anything is possible..." when it comes to kitchen remodeling. On the other hand, industry best practices assign an...

Countertops Corian

Is Corian Outdated in 2018?

In our experience, Corian® is one of those "sleeper" countertop selections. It never seems to get ahead of the glitz and glamor of natural stone...

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