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Some Countertop Edges Cost More Than Others

Oct 10, 2018 | by Carrie

Along the kitchen remodeling way, you'll be asked to make an unbelievable number of decisions. Remember that attention to detail matters. Even the seemingly smallest details can affect your kitchen's overall presentation, and can also affect the budget.

Countertop Edge Prices

Not All Countertop Edges Are Created Equal

Countertop edges are an example of a seemingly "minor" detail that notably affect the big picture. Not only do they add a little something extra (or not, if you prefer a more minimalist design), they also vary in price point.

Prices will vary from fabricator to fabricator. Typically, they are divided up into three different categories. If your budget only allows for standard features, don't be disappointed as there are plenty of attractive options to choose from.

Countertop Edge Styles    Solid Surface Edge Style Options for Countertops

Standard Edges

These edges are usually included in the price of your granite or quartz slab, or they may cost just a wee bit extra. Standard edge options usually include:

  • Straight Edge
  • Eased Edge
  • 1/4" Round Edge
  • 1/4" Single Bevel Edge
  • Half Bullnose Edge
  • Demi-Bullnose Edge
  • 1/2" Single Bevel Edge
  • Thumbnail Edge
  • Single Roundover Edge

Corian Kitchen Countertop Edge

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Mid-Prices or Upgraded Edges

These edge details have a little more panache, so they're the next tier up on the upgrade options sheet. They require more skill and attention to fabricate correctly:

  • Ogee Edge
  • 1/2" Ogee Edge
  • Ogee Bull Edge
  • Double Eased Edge
  • Double Bevel Edge
  • Double Roundover Edge
  • Double Bullnose Edge
  • Dupont Edge
  • Hanover Edge
  • Standard Cove Edge
  • Cove Dupont Edge
  • Cove Ogee Edge
  • Sunken Cove Edge
  • Sunken Ogee Edge
  • Stair Thread Edge
  • Platner Edge
  • 1/4" Round Top & Bottom Edge
  • Full Bullnose Edge

Traditional Kitchen Countertop Edge

Remember, we're generalizing here so builders may include some of these edges in their "Premium" tier - it's all relative.

Premium Edges

These are the most ornate and complicated edges to fabricate, and their price tag reflects that. The Premium tier includes:

  • Waterfall Edge
  • Inverted Ogee Edge
  • Platner Bullnose Edge
  • Sidestep Cove Edge
  • Demi-Angled Edge
Quartz Waterfall Kitchen Countertop
Photo by Cambria Surfaces

Why Are Some Countertop Edges More Expensive?

There are several factors that can drive the price up for countertop edges.

Materials. Some builders will alter the price depending on the material being used. For example, if you've chosen a fairly porous granite, laden with visible fissures, they might charge more because the slab will be more prone to chipping and cracking. On the other hand, they may slightly lower the edge price for Quartz and Corian since those countertop materials are easier to work with than granite.

Ogee Kitchen Countertop Edge

Level of Difficulty. Remember that these edges are being manually carved into the edges of very hard surfaces, many of which can be brittle or are easier to chip or chunk than others. Thus, the level of difficulty is a primary factor in price differences. One bad encounter between a router or shaper and an internal granite fissure, for example, can mean having to start all over on another slab.

Supply & Demand. You remember this one from your economy class, right? Some edges are in higher demand and that means the price goes up. Often, the most popular edge details will cost a little more than they would have otherwise because businesses are in business to make money (in addition to saving the world, of course.)

Eased Quartz Kitchen Countertop Edge

Our advice? Only consider edge details within your price range and you'll always find an option that makes you happy. But if you'd like to see how countertop samples actually look in your kitchen, schedule a free in-home estimate. Our expert design consultant will help you choose the perfect countertop and edge style for your household.

Kitchen Countertop Comparison Chart

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