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Waterfall Edges for Kitchen Countertops and Islands


Are you an HGTV and home décor addict, er, fan? Then you know waterfall edges for countertops is trending in a major way, and more and more homeowners are becoming enamored with this luxury detail.


Waterfall Edge Quartz Countertop
Cambria Quartz Countertop in Seagrove

We're excited to offer this increasingly popular finish to our clients because of its striking visual appeal.


Things to Know About Waterfall Edge Countertops

Waterfall edges got their name because, unlike their strictly-horizontal counterparts, countertop materials "flow" right over the side edges, creating a vertical expanse of natural stone, quartz or Corian, straight down to the floor. This look is most desired by fans of modern and contemporary design, although traditionalists can benefit too.

In addition to the "stunning" factor, waterfall edges are a savvy way to hide appliance storage space, keep tucked-away electrical outlets less visible or to transition the space between the island or bar countertop and the stool edges.



As you can imagine, extra material means an "extra" price tag. However, its luxury appeal, combined with expert craftsmanship, yields a finished product that's worth the investment.


Natural stone and quartz are the ideal media for waterfall edges

Since the waterfall effect is really just an additional slab, installed on its edge and affixed to the cabinet box and horizontal countertop edge, it makes sense the the best medium for the application is a natural stone product such as granite or quartz. Other solid surfaces, like Corian or marble, are also an option.

However, in terms of longevity, we believe quartz is the way to go since this super-strong, fissure and pore-free material isn't prone to cracking - and we can't say the same about granite.


Cambria Waterfall Egde Countertop
Cambria Quartz Countertop in Galloway

Quality and expertise of installation matters

As professional kitchen design and builders, we believe quality craftsmanship and expertise should always matter. However, we absolutely believe that expertise matters more for certain installations - and waterfall edges are one of them.

The precision required for the edge cuts, ensuring the horizontal and vertical edges match up correctly, and to preserve the integrity of the slabs being used, is something you'll only get from an experienced professional who's known for their attention to detail and perfectionism.

If you're going to spend the extra money (more on that next) to enjoy this level of kitchen design detail, then you don't want to waste it on a shoddy installation. At best, you'll wind up with a feature that is obviously flawed, at worst you'll have to pay to have the whole thing redone.


How much does a waterfall edge countertop cost?

There is no clear answer to this because your total cost depends on variable details such as materials, size of the installation and additional details. Keep in mind that you're paying for two additional slabs, requiring extra labor. Also, the thickness of the island edges matter too; thick mitered edges have a higher price tag than standard edges.

Another way to save a little money on a waterfall edge countertop is to select a simple design for the countertop material. This will make it easier to match two separate slabs of stone at the seam where they meet to make the waterfall edge. If you select a granite, quartz, or marble with intricate designs or large sprawling bands of color, it will be very difficult to match the design and have it continue from the top of the countertop, across the seam, and down to the floor without a break in the design pattern. If you don't mind the pattern not matching up, then it may not be a problem for you. However, if you're of the perfectionist persuasion, you can end up paying more money for additional material to make that seamless design.


Thick Mitered Edge Waterfall Countertop
Cambria Quartz Countertop in Weybourne

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