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The 25 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Contractor

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You want to be prepared, in fact you need to be prepared, when deciding who you want to remodel your kitchen. It's definitely a sacred place in your home that is worth the investment. So, to help you identify and select the right kitchen expert for your project, we've gathered 25 of the most crucial questions every homeowner should ask potential contractors before starting a remodel.

The Top Questions to Ask Kitchen Remodeling Companies

Before you begin your remodeling project, you'll most likely want to take advantage of a.  They are the best way to figure out which company best fits your style, personality, budget and standards. These preparatory questions will help set you up for success no matter which company you ultimately choose. 


Questions About Credentials

  1. Can we see proof of your current business license(s)?
  • When a prepared representative comes to your home they should have a copy of their company's latest business license. You can also check with your local building department to verify if a local contractor's license is current. Kitchen Magic is licensed in every state that we serve.
     2. Are you insured?
  • Any representatives visiting your home should also have current copies of their company's insurance - as it is insurance for you as well. Having this helps give you peace of mind and ensure that you will not be left high and dry in the event that an incident occurs.
    3. Do you have liability insurance?
  • In the unlikely even that an accident does occur, the contractor's liability insurance is liable to prevent your homeowner's insurance premiums from being affected. Your representative should have a copy of liability insurance readily available.
    4. Do you have worker's compensation?
  • Failure to have proof of a kitchen contractor worker's compensation is a key red flag. This usually means they are likely not as reputable as they seem. And like all of the above, a representative from a reliable business will also have a copy of this available for you to review.


Questions About Industry Reputation

    5. Are you a BBB member in good standing?
  • Good standing means there are no un-resolved issues with consumers and that the business is considered top quality, employing experts in their field. Kitchen Magic is currently rated A+ by the BBB.
    6. How long have you been a BBB member?
  • Longevity is a strong indicator of reputability. As a point of reference, Kitchen Magic has been a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1981 - that's 40 years and counting! You can view Kitchen Magic's BBB profile on their website.
    7. Are you affiliated with industry organizations?
  • Affiliations with the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) are additional signs your remodeler is a trustworthy option. View Kitchen Magic's NKBA profile and NARI awards.
    8. How long have you been affiliated?
  • The longer a company is affiliated with relevant industry organizations, typically means they also stay current with industry trends and standards. For example Kitchen Magic has been with NARI since 2006 and the NKBA since 1982.


Experience and Expertise

    9. Are you a kitchen specialist?
  • There are many moving parts in a kitchen, which is why it can be one of the more expensive rooms in your home to remodel. It is highly recommended for homeowners to work with experienced kitchen specialists when starting any remodeling project.
    10. How long have you been in business?
  • While everyone has to start somewhere, you'll want experts in their field to ensure the job is done right. We've been in business since 1979, that's over 40 years of kitchen remodeling expertise.
   11. How many kitchens have you completed?
  • It's important to review a contractor's portfolio of work. As a point of reference, Kitchen Magic has completed nearly 60,000 kitchens and you can view some of our most popular remodels on our website.
   12. Do you provide recent, local references?
  • Having readily available references is another great indicator of the trustworthiness and reliability of a company and the standards they hold themselves to for their customers. We recommend asking your contractors for references from projects completed within the past 5 to 10 years to make sure they are still relevant.




Questions About Reliability

   13. Do you manufacture and install your own products?
  • Having their own manufactured and installed products indicates that a company's craftsman truly understand every inch of the kitchen. In addition, outsourcing products can cost you, the homeowner, more money in the long run.
   14. Do you provide a written warranty?
  • Different products have different warranties, it's important to ask the representative which goes with the other, as it will help you determine your budget and needs. Following, a quality company with also provide a warranty solidifying their expert craftmanship.
15. Is the company financially stable?
  • This question requires a little more digging on your own but attaining a list of subcontractors or vendors is a reliable source to see if this potential company pays their bills on time.
   16. Have they ever declared bankruptcy?
  • Regarding the question above this is a great one to start the conversation. If it happens to be the case that you want to verify their answers, some public records may be available in the county bankruptcy court.
   17. Do they have financing options available?
  • Financing options allow you as a homeowner to stretch your budget over time and increase it with low monthly payments. For example Kitchen Magic offers financing options, take a look on our page here for more information.
   18. Are experienced staff on-hand to answer questions?
  • This is a great question especially when the project is going on, as you'll always want an expert on-hand for those unexpected questions.
   19. Is there a project management team?
  • Quality companies will have a project management team of experts in different areas of the remodeling process that can answer specific questions improving your experience and satisfaction.
   20. Have they won industry awards?
  • To put your mind at ease, check if the company has received industry awards. This is another way to know that they are a solid company. Look for "badges" on their website from Houzz, Angie's List, and other recognized professional organizations. For example here are Kitchen Magic's:



Questions About the Details

   21. Got company delivery trucks?
  • If a company puts time and effort into their trucks they will care about how you kitchen is finished. Presentation matters - it they care about theirs, they'll care about your kitchen.
   22. Is there a guaranteed start date for your project?
  • When having a huge renovation like this you need to be prepared at home, being without a kitchen takes planning. At Kitchen Magic you will be assigned a project leader and we will schedule your installation date. Our support team and your project management team will also be ready to help answer any questions you may have and to provide status updates throughout your installation. 
   23. Do they work consecutively until the job's done?
  • Faster, consecutive work means less headache for you. We provide consecutive day installation whenever possible. Most kitchen remodeling projects including cabinet refacing and a new countertop are completed in as little as a week, depending on the scope of the project. All-new and custom kitchen cabinets typically take longer.
   24. Do they clean up after themselves?
  • To give you peace of mind during this process a good company should keep the zone safe and tidy at the end of every work day.
   25. Are their installers certified?
  • Installers of any trade should be certified to prove they're trained and experienced.

No matter who you choose to remodel the heart of your home, we want to be sure it's exactly what you need. These questions will help get you there. If you're interested with speaking with one of our representatives or scheduling a free design consultation click here or by calling this number 800-272-5490.

In case you'd like these questions in a downloadable checklist - below is the 25 Crucial Questions.



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