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Countertops Cabinets Kitchen Installation

The Risks of Replacing Your Countertop Before Your Cabinets

On the one hand, we could say, "anything is possible..." when it comes to kitchen remodeling. On the other hand, industry best practices assign an...

Kitchen Design Cabinet Refacing Kitchen Installation

Kitchen Design on a Budget: Take The Phased Approach

The thought of taking on the expense of a complete kitchen remodel can sometimes be daunting. If you’re like most homeowners, plunking down the...

Kitchen Installation

3 Tips for Meal Planning During Your Kitchen Installation

While planning for a remodel, many homeowners assume, “we’ll just do take out while the kitchen is being done.” Sounds pretty good in theory...

Kitchen Installation Cabinets

4 Ways DIY Can Turn Into a Disaster

Sometimes we see a video online, or watch a television show that features experienced ‘Do It Yourselfers,’ and think, “Hey—that doesn’t look so...

Kitchen Installer Cleaning Kitchen Installation Organization and Storage

How to Survive the Kitchen Remodeling Process

Preparing for your kitchen remodel can be a hectic and stressful situation. Making do without a fully functioning kitchen during the remodeling...

Kitchen Installation

Don't Be Fooled By the Big Chain Stores!

When you see the home center stores advertising kitchens at low prices, what do you imagine you’re getting?

Kitchen Installation Kitchen Installer

Watch for These Problems With Chain Stores!

When you remodel or reface your kitchen with one of the large home center chain stores, you will not be getting your kitchen installed by the store's...

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