The Kitchen Table

Kitchen Safety: Designing for Accessibility
Planning to age gracefully in your home? Find out how your kitchen can be of service to you, long-term, in this blog!
6 Reasons an Empty Nest Means It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel
Empty nest? Looking at your next home improvement project? Check this out to find out why an empty nest is the perfect time for a kitchen remodel!
3 Tips for Meal Planning During Your Kitchen Installation
You’ve decided to take the leap and embark on a kitchen renovation, but not sure what to eat while the space is off limits? Read on to find out!
5 Popular Kitchen Layout Ideas
You’ve decided to alter the layout of your kitchen but cannot decide what type would suit your family the best? Read on and learn 5 different ideas!
6 Things to Watch Out for with Home Center Kitchen Remodels
If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen by visiting a home center, there are a few things to keep in mind. Keep on reading to learn more!
A Stylish Kitchen on a Small Budget
Is it possible to design a stylish kitchen without spending a fortune? What should you pay attention to? Keep on reading for expert design tips!
What is The Average Time to Complete a Kitchen Remodel?
How much time on average do you need to complete a kitchen remodel? What are the factors that contribute to it? Read on for some pro tips!
5 Questions to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Kitchen
An outdoor kitchen space gives homeowners entertainment and dining within the same vicinity. Here are questions to ask before starting your...
The Risks of Replacing Your Countertop Before Your Cabinets
Here are the risks to consider when it comes to getting new kitchen countertops and cabinets, as well as the proper order they should be installed in...
Why Homeowners Choose Kitchen Specialists over General Contractors
We'll help you break down the reasons why homeowners are choosing specialized professionals over general contractors for their kitchen remodeling...
Kitchen Remodel Horror Story: Contractor Forged Client's Name!
What Larry initially thought was a super sweet price, turned into a never-ending kitchen nightmare. Watch out for deals that sound too good to be...
Kitchen Remodel Horror Story: The Vanishing Contractor
Bob's story tells us why we should only deal with reliable kitchen remodeling firms. Don't pick a contractor who will give you your own horror story...
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