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Standard vs. Full Backsplash: Which to Choose for Your Kitchen Remodel?

When envisioning your dream kitchen, one of the design elements you may ponder is which type of backsplash to install. And, before you even begin...

Backsplash Countertops Kitchen Design

Should Countertops & Backsplashes Be Made from the Same Material?

When it comes to kitchen design, the customization options are nearly limitless. From kitchen cabinetry and lighting to countertops and flooring,...


Make a Style Splash with the Perfect Backsplash

Many homeowners are having their backsplash serve as the feature of their kitchen design. With so many choices in the material, style and color, a...


Utilize Sheet Backsplashes for Stunning Visual Appeal

Backsplashes can add significant visual appeal in the kitchen, but they can also create a bit of stress as homeowner's look through myriad tile...


The Pros and Cons of the 4-Inch Backsplash

The 4-inch backsplash had been a standard in general construction and prefabricated backsplash installations for many years. Then, the full tile...

Backsplash Kitchen Design Tile

Creative Backsplash Patterns for Standard Tile Shapes

If you thought decisions about cabinets and countertops were doozies, just wait until it's time to select a backsplash tile and pattern. You can...

Backsplash Kitchen Design

The Ultimate Guide to Backsplash Materials: Glass vs Ceramic vs Marble

Ready to design your kitchen backsplash? This is one of the most fun aspects of kitchen design because you have the option to make your backsplash...

Backsplash Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

4 Backsplash Materials to Get You Tiled and Styled

The backsplash could be considered the most important part of your kitchen's design. No matter what material you choose, it's a focal point. Tile...

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