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Kitchen Design

5 Spring Kitchen Enhancements to Chase Away Winter Blues

We've already discussed recently how certain colors can help make a kitchen feel less dark, depressing or cramped when winter produces overcast skies...

Cabinet Doors

Should I Consider Track Doors for My Kitchen?

In the U.S., you're more than likely to find hinge-style doors used in basic kitchen cabinet home and apartment construction. Why? Hinge-style doors...

Cabinets Decorative Accents

What are the Benefits of Cabinet Edge Molding?

As you shop for new kitchen cabinets, or ways to improve existing cabinets, keep edge molding at the front of your mind.

Cabinet edge molding refers...


What are Interchangeable Backsplashes?

Many homeowners alter the appearance of their kitchen walls on a regular basis to match yearly design trends or changing personal tastes.


Bring Your Kitchen to New Heights with Ceiling-Height Cabinets

In many kitchens, wall cabinets are mounted several inches or feet below the ceiling with their tops exposed. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

New Kitchen Ideas for the New Year

Last week, we gave you some fun new design ideas in, "3 Kitchen Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2016," and we're rounding out the series with fun,...

Kitchen Design

3 Kitchen Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2016

As people's lives change, so do kitchen designs. New trends emerge each year based on personal preferences and needs. 

Cabinets Cabinet Doors

How to 'Warm Up' Your Cabinet Fronts for the Winter

Many people associate "cool" colors -- blue, white and gray -- with mental clarity and calm. Yet, these colors indoors can have a negative effect on...

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