What Are Kitchen Herb Drawers?

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If dried herb and spice storage isn’t one of the top items on your kitchen renovation list, consider kitchen herb drawers a reason to rethink your priorities.



Shakers, tins, jars, packets and other types of dried herb and spice containers create many problems in a kitchen:

  1. People often place containers on countertops or in non-covered racks for quick access. This practice results in dust and grease collecting on container surfaces.
  2. If you store containers within cabinets instead, you must continuously move them around to find what you need. This disorganization wastes time and can even lead to accidents when cooking.
  3. Herbs and spices stored outside of dark, cool spaces can break down and lose their potency because of exposure to heat from the oven, overhead lights or sunlight shining through windows.
  4. Attempts to preserve herbs and spices by moving them away from heat sources can cause you to make repeated unnecessary trips to and from workstations or the oven while cooking.



Creating herb drawers in your kitchen solves all of these issues. 


A kitchen herb drawer is a standard wide or narrow cabinet drawer fitted with one or more prefabricated or custom-made plastic or wood inserts. A kitchen herb drawer provides the ultimate solution to herb and spice storage access and organization: 

  1. Most insert designs feature staggered shelves that allow you to store containers semi-upright so you can quickly scan labels for the herb or spice you need, pluck it from the drawer, use it and then return it back in its original position.
  2. Inserts come in many sizes. With the installation of a utensil tray next to a smaller insert, you can place important herbs and spices in a wide drawer close enough to the oven to be useful without storing containers right against the heat.
  3. Some inserts can grow with your needs. Special designs offer manual expansion to provide you with additional storage as your herb and spice collection grows.



Contact Kitchen Magic today for more information about kitchen herb drawers. A Kitchen Magic specialist can provide an in-home evaluation to help you determine which design option will be right for you.

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