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3 Ways to Ward Off A Kitchen Cabinet Nightmare

Are the tales you tell about past cabinet renovation projects pleasant or nightmarish?

If you answered nightmarish, or know someone who had a...

How to Keep from Airing Your Dirty Laundry in Your Kitchen

Although smaller homes and apartments are often constructed with washing machine and dryer outlets inside the kitchen to make better use of...

Pairing Your Luxury Countertops with the Perfect Type of Sink

There are three kinds of sinks in the world of kitchen remodels: those that blend seamlessly with their environment, those that stand out and those...

The Skinny Kitchen: Foods to Fill Your Cabinets for a Fitter You

As you've probably already heard in the news or from doctors, the human metabolism slows with aging and some health conditions and medicines cause...

Kitchen Design

How to Correct Blind Corners In Your Kitchen

Ah, the blind corner cabinet... One of the best and worst storage tools found in any kitchen. On one hand, blind corner cabinets help you get the...


Form and Function: Custom Countertop Trends

Now that we’re halfway through the year, kitchen design trends have become a lot clearer.

In the world of countertop sales, homeowners have shown...

Kitchen Design Cabinet Doors

Return to Nature with Natural Cabinet Trends

Although engineered materials can provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive or rare natural materials, natural cabinet trends are on the rise...

Cabinets Islands and Peninsulas

Why Lower Wall Cabinets are Still Necessary in Kitchens with Islands

Plenty of kitchen designers over the last three months have predicted that 2017 will be the year of open kitchen floor plan designs, fewer cabinets...

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