The Kitchen Table

What Is Cabinet Fluting
Today's blog will break down cabinet fluting, which not only adds decorative appeal to your kitchen, but can serve functional purposes as well.
3 Ways to Ward Off A Kitchen Cabinet Nightmare
A kitchen project’s outcome often depends more on the research conducted before selecting a cabinet maker than on the amount of money spent.
How to Keep from Airing Your Dirty Laundry in Your Kitchen
Although smaller homes and apartments are often constructed with washing machine and dryer outlets inside the kitchen to make better use of available...
Pairing Your Luxury Countertops with the Perfect Type of Sink
There are three kinds of sinks in the world of kitchen remodels: those that blend seamlessly with their environment, those that stand out and those...
The Skinny Kitchen: Foods to Fill Your Cabinets for a Fitter You
The foods in your kitchen cabinets play a huge role in the cycle of weight gain and loss as they’re most likely to be the ones you grab for a quick...
Effective Fixes for Kitchen Blind Corners
Want to know what is a blind corner cabinet? What are some of the handy ways to improve them? Read on to learn more!
Form and Function: Custom Countertop Trends
New kitchen trends are all about custom countertops that fit your style and needs.
Return to Nature with Natural Cabinet Trends
Natural cabinet trends are becoming more popular as homeowners choose cozy kitchens with neutral palates.
Why Lower Wall Cabinets are Still Necessary in Kitchens with Islands
Some trendy kitchen layouts opt for less cabinet space, but even when you have and island, you'll still want lower wall cabinets.
Are Track Doors a Good Option for My Kitchen?
Wondering if track doors are a good option for your kitchen? Keep on reading to learn about their pros and cons!
What are the Benefits of Cabinet Edge Molding?
Cabinet edge molding can add style to your kitchen, but did you know these decorative accessories provide function too?
A Guide to Interchangeable Backsplashes
Want to know how interchangeable kitchen backsplash work and is it a good idea for your home? Click below to find out!
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