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Pairing Your Luxury Countertops with the Perfect Type of Sink

Feb 3, 2015 | by Bertha

There are three kinds of sinks in the world of kitchen remodels: those that blend seamlessly with their environment, those that stand out and those that just plain don't work.

Choose The Perfect Sink Style for Your Luxury Kitchen Remodel

Let's focus on how to choose a sink that either blends or becomes a feature in your upcoming kitchen remodels, with a little note of caution about the latter sink options.

The Seamless Sink

In this case, the sink is hardly noticed. It blends so perfectly in its environment that it doesn't detract from any of its surrounding accents and features and it nestles perfectly into its accompanying countertop.

Speaking of countertops - there is a sink for every countertop selection and here are a few things we've noticed about the relationship between kitchen countertops and sinks:

  • Trending. Stainless steel sinks continue to be the most popular option for most of our clients. They're contemporary and then blend with just about every type of countertop choice, including Quartz - which is also becoming one of the most popular selections for luxury kitchen remodels. Both stainless steel and quartz are very low maintenance, easy to sanitize and difficult to crack, chip or stain.
  • Made for one another. Corian sinks are another option, especially if the "seamless" idea appeals to you. You can find a Corian sink to match a beautiful quartz countertop pattern. Should you select a Corian countertop, we highly recommend you choose a matching sink, which is installed with nary a seam in sight for a flawless and ultra-hygienic finish since there are no cracks or crevices for mold or mildew to take up residence.

The Stylized Sink

There are a plethora of stylized kitchen sinks on the market. Typically, the most common and functional of these is the farmhouse sink. You can reclaim them or buy reproduction models. Their popular resurgence has inspired manufacturers to make them from stainless steel, copper and other finishes, in addition to traditional porcelain models.

The Sink You Need to Re-Think.

There are also sinks you'll you wish you never met. These options seem like a good idea at first glance - but aren't:

  • Top-mounted sinks. Never install a top mounted sink in your kitchen. There is no way to avoid the unsightly and unsanitary grime that builds up along the perimeter edges. Undermount sinks should be your only option.
  • Acrylic sinks. These seem great at first, especially their ability to be molded into unique or custom shapes (see next point). However, they are prone to chipping and can start to look worn or downright old pretty quickly. They're not the best option for a new and luxurious kitchen remodel.
  • Uniquely shaped sinks. We understand the desire to be unique and perhaps even a little funky, but owners of uniquely shaped kitchen sinks often wish they would have left that desire for a powder bath remodel. Standard shapes became standard for a reason; they're functional and easy to maintain.

Would you like professional assistance pairing your luxury countertops with the perfect sink? Schedule a consultation with a Kitchen Magic designer and we'll steer you on the right course.

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