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Countertops Corian

Is Corian Outdated in 2018?

In our experience, Corian® is one of those "sleeper" countertop selections. It never seems to get ahead of the glitz and glamor of natural stone...


2 Corian Countertops You Thought Were Granite

We love to trick people but, we promise, we're lovingly tricky. For example, have your heart set on beautiful, wood cabinetry? Take a look at these


Not Your Mother's Corian: It's All Grown Up

When DuPont's Corian first came onto the scene in 1967, it was a big hit. Designed to replace laminate and granite (the former being poor-quality...


Cutting Board Designs Using Corian Art

Just when you thought your beautiful new kitchen was complete, and you were done making countertop, cabinet, and countertop selections, we had...


Picking the Best Kitchen Sink for Your Kitchen

The kitchen sink is one of the most important features in the kitchen, and usually serves as the focal point for food preparation and cleaning. ...

Kitchen Design Corian

5 Popular Dark Corian Colors That Work Well In Your Kitchen

Choosing your kitchen countertop can be all fun and games until it comes time to actually sign your name on the dotted line. Corian lasts a long...

Cabinets Corian

Corian Top Adds Style and Durability to this Kitchen

When Mr. & Mrs. Ed K. of Rumson, NJ wanted to change their drab and cramped kitchen for a room with more style and zest, they reached out to...

Corian Bathrooms

Corian Counter Tops Make Excellent Vanity Tops Too

Diana Vreeland, noted fashion columnist and editor once said, "I loathe narcissism but I approve of vanity."  We agree.  If you are going to spend...

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