5 Tips for Adding Texture to Your Kitchen


May 31, 2016

Cabinets? Check!

Countertops? Check!

Appliances? Check!

Color Scheme? Check!

Texture? Texture? Hey! Did anyone think about texture?

Topics: Kitchen Design

5 Eclectic Kitchen Concepts to Spark Your Creativity


May 25, 2016

Tired of the "same ol'-same-ol'" approach to kitchen remodeling. They tell us the trends are changing every year, yet it can feel like you've already seen every possible kitchen design on the planet already. Isn't there something new to think about or plan for?

Topics: Eclectic Kitchens

Loud is Out, Muted Hues Are In


May 24, 2016

Every so often, design magazines and blogs announce, "Bright, Bold Colors Are In!", with photo spreads of stunning kitchen designs in tropical oranges, vivid greens or bright reds and yellows.

The truth is that these styles are never "In" for very long. They're typically a phase, retreating into the background again over the course of the next few years.

Topics: Color Combinations Kitchen Design

3 Cases for a Contrasting Kitchen Design


May 19, 2016

Today, we bring you a study in contrasts. Contrast is an important part of interior design. Even a monochromatic design should include contrasts, typically in the form of accents or transient objects that pop from a neutral background. Simply put, contrast is used to highlight differences between objects in the same space.

Topics: Color Combinations Kitchen Design

Are Stainless Steel Sinks All Washed Up?


May 17, 2016

If you're addicted to HGTV. or you're a serial design magazine subscriber, you'd think stainless steel is as popular as it ever was. Here in the field, however, we beg to differ.

Topics: Sinks

Sweepstakes Winners Choose Classic Cherry


May 14, 2016

That's right! Those "sweepstakes" you read about do, indeed, have winners. Case in point: at a recent home show where attendees had a chance to enter our Dream Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes.

Says the homeowner: "I never won anything before! I met with the Kitchen Magic Rep at a home show who encouraged me to enter and then I forgot all about it - until they called me to tell me I actually won!"

Topics: Kitchen Countertops Cherry

Pick the Perfect Stool for Your Kitchen Bar


May 10, 2016

Now that you've chosen cabinets and countertops, it's time to turn your attention to the lesser, but still important, accent details that define a kitchen's style. Things like the hood vent or the hardware for cabinet doors and drawers for example.

Topics: Kitchen Bar

Why Winter White Cabinets are so Popular


May 5, 2016

Winter White cabinets may have a seasonal description, but they're year-round favorites here at Kitchen Magic. In fact, white cabinets are favorites everywhere. Even when white is technically "out," it is always in the Top 3 cabinet colors in any given survey.

Topics: White Kitchens

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