This Chocolate Pear Kitchen is a Perfect Example of Transitional Kitchen Design


Jun 23, 2016

Did we have you at Chocolate Pear? If you think the title of our article is appetizing, just wait until you see how this rich color makes for a kitchen renovation you and your guests won't be able to stay out of. There is so much to enjoy in this comfortable space - visually, functionally and socially.

Topics: Transitional Kitchen

Plain Prestige Cabinets Make Dark Finishes Shine


Jun 16, 2016

Cherry cabinetry is a go-to favorite for clients who want a warm, inviting kitchen. Darker finishes, however, can be a bit of a hurdle in a smaller kitchen - or one that lacks natural light.

Topics: Kitchen Cabinets Cabinet Doors

5 Ideas to Make Your Existing L-Shaped Kitchen Design Even Better


Jun 9, 2016

Changing the layout of your kitchen is costly. It often involves relocating plumbing and electrical work, and that requires additional demo and construction. Thus, most homeowners work to preserve their existing layout and simply augment or amend it to increase its functionality.

Topics: Kitchen Design

Make Your U-Shaped Kitchen All About You


Jun 7, 2016

Are you the lucky owner of a U-Shaped kitchen? If it's designed right, that means you should have plenty of storage space, lots of countertop surface for food preparation and ample opportunity to deck it out in style.

Topics: Kitchen Design

Save Space for Technology in Your Kitchen


Jun 2, 2016

Does your kitchen have space for technology? Sure, appliances are more high-tech than ever, but we're talking about the smartphones, tablets, and gadgets that are cluttering up your countertop and raised bar spaces. We're talking about that hodge-podge of stuff that's accumulating on the end of the counter near the garage entry, never mind that you need that space for food prep.

Topics: Kitchen Trends

5 Tips for Adding Texture to Your Kitchen


May 31, 2016

Cabinets? Check!

Countertops? Check!

Appliances? Check!

Color Scheme? Check!

Texture? Texture? Hey! Did anyone think about texture?

Topics: Kitchen Design

5 Eclectic Kitchen Concepts to Spark Your Creativity


May 25, 2016

Tired of the "same ol'-same-ol'" approach to kitchen remodeling. They tell us the trends are changing every year, yet it can feel like you've already seen every possible kitchen design on the planet already. Isn't there something new to think about or plan for?

Topics: Eclectic Kitchens

Loud is Out, Muted Hues Are In


May 24, 2016

Every so often, design magazines and blogs announce, "Bright, Bold Colors Are In!", with photo spreads of stunning kitchen designs in tropical oranges, vivid greens or bright reds and yellows.

The truth is that these styles are never "In" for very long. They're typically a phase, retreating into the background again over the course of the next few years.

Topics: Color Combinations Kitchen Design

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