How to Create a Realistic Kitchen Remodeling Budget

Recently we posted an article on the top reasons kitchen remodels go over budget. We recommend giving that a good once over before sitting down to...

Kitchen Design Cabinet Doors

Our Top 5 Antique White Cabinet & Countertop Pairings

The upside of in-home consultations is that kitchen design reps bring samples so you can see what they look like in your home. The downside is...


7 Reasons Kitchen Remodels Go Over Budget

Working on your kitchen remodeling budget? Good for you! The happiest homeowner-remodelers are those who have a budget - and stick to it!



Kitchen Backsplash Design Trends for 2017

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Sebring Services, a remodeling company operating in the western Suburbs of Chicago. As the kitchen becomes an...

5 Relationship Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

Are you moving forward with a long-awaited kitchen remodel? And, by chance, are you married or living with your partner? If so, we'd like to...

Kitchen Design Appliances

How to add Modern Retro Appliances to Any Kitchen Style

The good news is that appliances make the everyday kitchen duties much more efficient—no more stocking fires, lugging ice to the icebox or having...

How Can I Get My Partner on Board to Remodel Our Kitchen?

There's nothing worse than knowing it's time to remodel the kitchen, only to be stymied by your own partner. It's a common conundrum, but it's not...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Stress - How to Overcome Perfection Paralysis

Do you suffer from kitchen remodeling perfectionist paralysis?

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