Kitchen Desk: Yes, or No?

The mobile, digital age has transformed the way we do business, and that's beginning to transform home design. The home office, which used to...

Modern Kitchens

Modern Furniture for a Modern Kitchen in These Modern Times

If you're a modernist, you know "modern" is almost synonymous with "minimal." That can be a conundrum when you're designing a kitchen. Minimal or...

Kitchen Design

Top 3 Outdated Kitchen Styles (Not for the easily offended)

We're gonna be real honest here; there's a chance your kitchen is seriously outdated. If you've been kidding yourself that the resurgence of...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

25 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Contractor

Did you know online reviews can be paid for? Did you know contractors' licenses expire? Were you aware many companies claiming to be...

Kitchen Design

Personalize Your Kitchen Workflow

Forget about looks and presentation, that's the easy stuff. Real kitchen designing digs well beneath the surface and examines the inner-workings...

Decorative Accents

8 Wood Detail Options That Are Right for Traditional and Transitional Designs

By the time you're finished with your new kitchen remodel, you'll feel like a bit of a design and building expert yourself.

Kitchen Design

One Wall Does it All: The Best Arrangements for Single Wall Kitchens

For the past several weeks, we've focused on design specifics for the typical kitchen layout: L-Shaped, Galley and U-Shaped.

Transitional Kitchen

This Chocolate Pear Kitchen is a Perfect Example of Transitional Kitchen Design

Did we have you at Chocolate Pear? If you think the title of our article is appetizing, just wait until you see how this rich color makes for a...

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