Kitchen Design

Kitchen Layouts by Architectural Style: Craftsman Home

Your craftsman style home is timeless. While originally designed in the 1930s, architects of the time already had their eye on the future, which...

Kitchen Design

10 Stunning Kitchen Transformations that We Only Changed the Cabinets! [Updated]

Don't believe a simple cabinet refacing upgrade can save your kitchen? Pshaw! We'll show you what's up!

White Kitchens

Black & White Kitchens: The "Tuxedo" Trend

Why Does This Kitchen Make Me Want An Oreo?

It's probably the tasty way she matched up the colors. (sorry, we had to say it). I mean, what a bold...

Kitchen Design Function

How to Design a Minimalistic but Functional Kitchen

The ideal kitchen is spacious enough to offer plenty of work surfaces for food preparation, and plentiful storage areas for cookware and...

4 Cabinet Hardware Styles To Snatch Right Now

It once was, that the knob simply assisted in opening a cabinet or drawer. Today, hardware is nothing shy of a showpiece. Think of knobs and pulls...

Kitchen Design

A Dozen Ideas for Designing a Baker's Kitchen

One thing we've learned along the custom kitchen design road is that there are Cooks and there are Bakers. Sure, there are cooks who bake, and...

Backsplash Tile

4 Ways to Get More Glitz and Glam In Your Grout

There are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing grout - let it disappear and let it shine!

Kitchen Trends

5 Interesting Millennial Kitchen Remodeling Trends

It makes sense that demographics play a big part in kitchen remodeling, especially when it comes to particular styles and finishes.

One of those...

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