How to Save More Trees with Kitchen Remodeling?

Saving Forests One Kitchen Remodel at a Time

Are you interested in designing a sustainable kitchen? One that makes a minimal impact on Mother...

Cabinet Doors

Pros & Cons of Matte Cabinets and Countertops

A few months back we posted a blog about Trendy vs. Timeless Kitchen Design. It's hard to resist trends because design websites splash them around...

How to Design a Monochromatic Kitchen

Does the idea of color wheels, tile matching and "complimentary palettes" make you anxious? We get it. While the team at Kitchen Magic thrives in...


Pairing Glass Tiles with Your Countertop for the Ideal Backsplash

And you thought choosing the countertop was a challenge...

Sometimes, designing a backsplash is equally as tricky. There are multiple...


How to Pick a Dining Set That Compliments Your New Kitchen Design

Now that the kitchen is remodeled, that tried-and-true, 1990s kitchen table and chairs might not do the trick anymore. It's time to pick a set...

Kitchen Countertops

Would It Be Weird if My Countertops and Floor Were the Same Color?

We try keep our blog posts by basing them on questions we get from real clients. The way we see it, if one person asks a question, others wonder...


2 Corian Countertops You Thought Were Granite

We love to trick people but, we promise, we're lovingly tricky. For example, have your heart set on beautiful, wood cabinetry? Take a look at these


Not Your Mother's Corian: It's All Grown Up

When DuPont's Corian first came onto the scene in 1967, it was a big hit. Designed to replace laminate and granite (the former being poor-quality...

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