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White Kitchens Kitchen Design

The Reasons Why White Cabinets Remain Ever-Popular

Winter White happens to be one of our all-time most popular cabinet finishes. It may have a seasonal description, but it's a year-round favorite...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Organization and Storage Kitchen Design Function

Kitchen Design Secrets & Essentials from Seasoned Pro Chefs

Every homeowner who cooks, is a chef in the making. If there were advice on how best to layout and organize a kitchen, none would be more...

Kitchen Design Appliances

Choose a Fridge that Makes Your Kitchen Cool as a Cucumber

The refrigerator is an extremely functional appliance for most homeowners. Choosing the right fridge for your kitchen is a little like choosing...

Kitchen Design

What to Expect From the Kitchens of the Future

With terms like “Smart-Homes” and the “Internet of Things” thrown around alot these days, we can assume the kitchens of our future are likely to...

Decorative Accents

Getting Edgy with the History of Crown Molding

Crown molding, originally developed to embellish an architectural structure, has been around since the Greek and Romans times. These hand-carved...

Household Hints

12 Useful & Unique Kitchen Gifts You Didn't Know You Needed

The recent changes in lighting and temperature are sure signs that autumn is upon us, and that means it's time to begin assembling holiday gift...

Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

Around the World in 20 Kitchen Photos

Fasten your seat belts! Let’s take a trip around the world to view some gorgeous kitchens from various cultures, spanning the globe. While some...

Custom Cabinetry Cabinets Cabinet Doors

Design Your Kitchen Display Cabinet Like a Pro

So, you want to customize your display cabinets like a pro? Whether it be shelves, cubbies, hooks, glass front cabinets or a compilation of all...

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