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White Kitchens Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

Wood and White Kitchens are the New White

Wood + White = Simple Elegance. It's that...well...simple. The wood-and-white design combo has bounced around the modern design universe for a...

Decorative Accents

3 Ways Plants Make Your Kitchen Healthier

The outdoors is no longer the only place to dig up some dirt for a garden—the kitchen is a wonderful space to fill with some green! Here are some...

Kitchen Design Decorative Accents

Kitchen Solutions for the Vertically Challenged

Are you, ahem, vertically challenged? Well, being on the smaller side is something we gnomes understand.

There are solutions that can make the...

Household Hints Kitchen Design

How a Kitchen Homework Space Can Expand a Child's Education

(insert young voice from down the hallway...): "Hey, MOOOOooom? (or, DAAAaaaaad?) Can you come here for a minute?"

These words are uttered...

Kitchen Design Lighting

6 Ways to Tap into Natural Light and Brighten up Your Kitchen Space

Daylighting is so important to a kitchen's design. Not only does it reduce energy spending, but infusing your kitchen with natural light makes it...

Kitchen Design Decorative Accents

Treat Your Kitchen Windows as you Would Want Them to Treat You

Window dressings are your kitchen's clothing - promoting your style to the world. And, just as clothes keep you warmer or cooler, hidden or...

Kitchen Design Function

Kitchen Ideas That Make Party Hosting a Piece of Cake

Are you the life, or the host, of the party? If so, a few thoughtful details in your kitchen design will make hosting parties and big, family...

Kitchen Design

When Your Kitchen Needs a “Refresh Button"

Remodeling takes place in both big and small packages - budget packages, that is. You don't have to take out a second mortgage on your newly...

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