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The Kitchen Table

Iconic TV Kitchens: Friends
Friends... the iconic sitcom that swept the nation and beyond! Let's talk all things Monica and Rachel's kitchen!
Innovation Station - The Sliding Peninsula
At Kitchen Magic, we are constantly innovating, pushing the envelope of kitchen design. Find out more about our newest innovation, the sliding...
What are Touch-to-Open Cabinets?
Pure convenience meets seamless style with Blum’s Touch-to-Open cabinet and drawer systems.
Cherry Kitchen Renovation at its Best
We were recently asked about the 'Best Cherry Kitchen Renovation Ever' and we decided to share the answer in our blog article for today.
What Is Cabinet Fluting
Today's blog will break down cabinet fluting, which not only adds decorative appeal to your kitchen, but can serve functional purposes as well.
Designing a Kitchen Message Center: A New Approach
Open floor plans have truly transformed the role of the kitchen. Incorporate a messge center or small home office in your kitchen remodel.
5 Kitchen Styles That Never Age
Want to know what your personal kitchen style is? Check out our Top 5 Kitchen Styles of All Time to find the design that speaks to you!
Kitchen Appliances: What's In, What's Out and What's Worth the Money
What are the hottest kitchen appliance trends for 2023? How can homeowners ensure that their kitchen is modern? Read on to find out!
3 Key Elements of a Rustic Kitchen Design
Want to know what makes a kitchen rustic and what can you do to create one? Keep on reading to find out!
How to Design and Organize Your Laundry Room
Wondering what to do with your laundry room to make this chore a little bit easier? Read on expert tips & tricks to find out!
Is it Safe to Clean Your Kitchen with Vinegar?
Want to know what makes vinegar the safest natural cleanser for your kitchen? How does it work? Read on to learn more!
3 Tips for Meal Planning During Your Kitchen Installation
You’ve decided to take the leap and embark on a kitchen renovation, but not sure what to eat while the space is off limits? Read on to find out!
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