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Kitchen Design Blog

Kitchen Design

Traditional Kitchens vs. Contemporary Kitchens...Which is Best?

When planning your kitchen renovation, you should make a decision regarding the style fairly early. That decision will determine the door styles,...


Cheap Kitchen Price...Is It A Ripoff?

What all is included in a kitchen price? Am I getting ripped off by a big chain store? These are all important questions to ask yourself when...

Kitchen Safety

How to Make a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Studies show that 90% of kids get a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they help out inthe kitchen. However, kids may not find the kitchen...

Household Hints

Entertaining in Crowded Kitchen

Reader Jaleta Clegg sends us a handy hint for those planning a party:

Custom Cabinetry Cherry Cabinets

Cherry Adds Cheery Touch to this Kitchen Remodel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. of Flemington were faced with a design dilemma. They wanted a kitchen with commercial-look stainless steel appliances, but...

Kitchen Installation

Don't Be Fooled By the Big Chain Stores!

When you see the home center stores advertising kitchens at low prices, what do you imagine you’re getting?

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