How to Make a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

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Studies show that 90% of kids get a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they help out inthe kitchen. However, kids may not find the kitchen quite as enjoyable as us adults, so why not make it a fun and exciting atmosphere? Make your kitchen an inviting space for kids to relax and have fun.



kid-friendly kitchen


Kid-Friendly Furniture and Accessories

Give them their own stool and table, sized for them. Paint them in bright colors. Hang a chalkboard where they can reach, so they can write and draw.

Give them their own utensils. Use a bottom shelf they can reach to hold unbreakable bowls, measuring cups and mixing spoons.

Give them their own snacks. Put raisins, juice boxes, granola bars and other healthful stuff on a shelf or in a basket they can reach easily.




Kids Love To Help

Cook or bake together. Give them simple tasks (measuring, stirring) that they can participate in.

Teach them to read a recipe and follow it, to wash hands between steps, to use small appliances safely and with adult supervision.


Make Your Kitchen Safe

Childproof any cabinets and drawers containing knives, cleaners, and other items which may be dangerous. Keep small appliances such as mixers, waffles irons, and food processors out of easy reach, preferably in a childproofed cabinet.

A few simple steps can help make your kitchen a fun place for the entire family. Comment and share with us some of the ways you customize your kitchen.




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