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Countertops Antimicrobial Surfaces

What Does Non-Porous Countertop Mean, and Why Does It Matter?

We hear the word nonporous used a lot as a selling feature for countertops and other kitchen necessities, but do we really know what this term means?...

Kitchen Design

A Brand New Kitchen in Just 4 Minutes [Video]

See This Kitchen Transformation Right Before Your Eyes

A kitchen remodel is a significant investment, and not only in the financial sense of the word

How to Add Style to Your Kitchen with Glass

We have all experienced the elegance and aesthetic appeal of glass. In fact, many famous structures and even houses are constructed almost completely...

3 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen from Making You Sick

If your countertops only have a few prep or cooking items stored on them, your kitchen isn’t as clean-looking as it could be and it’s certainly not...

Kitchen Design

How to Coordinate Your Own Kitchen Color Scheme

Unless you're a kitchen design professional, or have an innate sense of color, coordinating your own kitchen color scheme can be daunting. Your...

Kitchen Design

How to Design a Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen is not only the gathering center of the home, but the space where much of the work necessary for everyday life is done. Thus, a kitchen...

Quartz vs. Granite



93% natural quartz stone and 7% acrylic resin, blended to make a non-porous, consistent countertop surface. 


Cabinet Doors

What is a Raised Panel Cabinet Door?

If you've been talking to some folks about remodeling your kitchen you may have heard about raised panel cabinet doors.  Many of us have heard this...

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