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How to Coordinate Your Own Kitchen Color Scheme

Jun 3, 2013 | by James Marshall

Unless you're a kitchen design professional, or have an innate sense of color, coordinating your own kitchen color scheme can be daunting. Your kitchen countertops and cabinet facing is more or less permanent, and while paint can be re-done, it's not a task you want to repeat more than every several years.

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If you're in the process of planning a kitchen facelift, here are tips for coordinating kitchen color schemes that work:

Coordinating Awesome Kitchen Color Schemes

Look around. There is a wise saying about how it's important to change yourself, and the things around you, before you start to change the world. Honor that philosophy and bring it into your kitchen design. Before you start looking outside your home, evaluate what you already have.

  • What do you think about your current kitchen color scheme?
  • What do you wish was different?
  • Examine your friends' kitchens. Which ones do you like? Ask them for the paint colors so you can get paper samples.  This can help you hone in on color combinations you're naturally drawn to.

Start a collection. If we were to ask you to create three examples of colors that work together harmoniously, you would probably struggle with the task. But if we asked you to start clipping pictures from magazines, and bookmarking photos from popular design websites, of kitchens with colors you liked, you would be up to the task, right? So, start building your collection of kitchens, or other rooms, that give you that, "aha!" feeling, and bring them to us. The colors and styles you like will become apparent rather quickly.

Hire a professional. Working with a professional kitchen designer, or interior designer will solve your color dilemmas pretty quickly. We are experts at kitchen color schemes that work. Do you like bright, bold, and cheerful? Do you prefer muted earth tones? Together, we can peruse as many photos of "real life kitchens" as you want, while you say, "this one!" and "that one!". From there we can begin building your favorite kitchen color combinations.

  • Warm and inviting?
  • Cool and modern?
  • French country?
  • Cozy yet colorful?

Über-artsy? Consider the vibe. What "feel" or "energy" do you want your kitchen to have? Deciding on the type of vibe you like can help you to rule out some colors, and embrace others.

Still not sure? We would love to help! Make an online appointment with Kitchen Magic and your kitchen color schemes will be perfected in no time.

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