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Affordable Remodeling Ideas Kitchen Design

5 Simple Ways to Add Detail to Your Kitchen

Everybody strives to have that wow-factor about their kitchen, and adding your own personal touch can do just that. There are plenty of ways to add...

Kitchen Design Kitchen Trends

5 Questions to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

In more recent years, outdoor cooking has become more popular than ever. An outdoor kitchen area gives homeowners the freedom to entertain and simply...

Kitchen Design Appliances

5 High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets

With technology constantly progressing, the future of food and beverage preparation will not only be cooler, but smarter as well. From smart frying...

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Kitchen Design

3 Benefits of Using Pinterest and Houzz for Design Inspiration

Stuck in a design rut? Finding inspiration isn't always easy, whether you've been designing for years, or even just a few months. A simple solution...

Countertops Cabinets Kitchen Floors

5 Materials You Shouldn't Use in Your Kitchen

Before you start the process of remodeling your kitchen we'd like to help you do a little homework. Picking the right materials for your new kitchen...

Countertops Cleaning Appliances

Clean Your Entire Kitchen With These 3 Household Items

Using brand name detergents, glass cleaners, disinfectants, and polishes to clean your kitchen can be costly and add clutter to your cupboards and...

Backsplash Small Kitchens Organization and Storage Light Colored Cabinets

Design Tips for a Small Kitchen Makeover

Think your dream kitchen is out of reach due to a limited amount of space? Think again.

The truth is that there are plenty of clever ways to give...

Household Hints

Working the Bugs out of Your Kitchen

Warm weather tends to bring some unwelcomed visitors into the kitchen -- and by unwelcomed visitors, we mean ants, fruit flies, and roaches. It may...

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