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3 Benefits of Using Pinterest and Houzz for Design Inspiration

Sep 6, 2016 | by Erin Onushco

Use Pinterest or Houzz for Design Inspiration

Stuck in a design rut? Finding inspiration isn't always easy, whether you've been designing for years, or even just a few months. A simple solution to this is to hop on Pinterest or Houzz. Like a catalog or photo gallery, these two sites act as visual discovery tools for finding and saving creative ideas. When it comes to planning your kitchen remodel, pictures are worth a thousand words.

Imagine trying to describe your dream kitchen to your remodeler using only words… everything from the color scheme, cabinet styles, lighting plan, to the tile choices should be accompanied by a picture to reference for the best results.

Design is Subjective

Design is completely subjective-- based off of personal taste, feelings, and opinions. One person’s idea of what’s visually appealing may be completely differnt from another’s.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could start your kitchen design process with some visual examples of what you think is attractive? Websites like Pinterest and Houzz are making the communication process between remodelers and clients a whole lot easier.

Pinterest and Houzz Inspiration

Sometimes, the vision of the client’s dream kitchen can get lost in translation. So, using sites like Pinterest and Houzz to save design ideas can give the remodeler a better idea of the client’s personal style.

In particular, Houzz offers tools that allow visitors to narrow their search down to the tiniest details-- everything from kitchen styles, layouts, cabinet styles, countertop materials, to backsplash designs and colors.

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Get the Whole Family Involved

Using these websites is a great way for the whole family to collaborate in the design process.

Creating ideabooks and photo albums for inspiration can be a fun task for all family members to get involved with. For children and family members who are design inclined, describing what they imagine their new kitchen to look like may be difficult-- but with a slew of pictures in front of them, they can easily communicate their ideas.

Great for Businesses, too!

Both Pinterest and Houzz are great marketing tools for businesses and independent contractors. These platforms allow remodelers to showcase their work to the world, and gain a following.

For example, over a 6 month time span, House Beautiful magazine pulled triple-digit increases in site referrals as a direct result of using Pinterest. Using these idea sharing sites is also a way for remodelers to communicate and collaborate with each other, and prospective clients.

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