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10 Ways Cabinet Remodeling Can Transform Your Kitchen
Want to transform your kitchen without changing the layout? Keep reading to find out about 10 updates that only involved changing the cabinets.
Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Update Options
Wondering what are the best kitchen cabinets remodeling possibilities? What is the best way to update them without replacing them? Read on to find...
The Difference Between Cabinet-Grade & Furniture-Grade Wood Cabinets
There are generally two types of wood grades found in the cabinet world: cabinet-grade and furniture-grade. One is far superior than the other in...
The Prestige Door Series: A Stylish Twist on Classic Cabinetry
Today's blog will show you the five door styles in the Prestige Door Series, in five different colors, and you can decide for yourself just why...
Introducing 3 Great Ways to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets
Here are 3 excellent ways to update your kitchen cabinets and bring your kitchen design with you into the new year.
To Match or Not to Match: The Debate Over Kitchen Cabinet Styles
Not sure if top and bottom kitchen cabinets have to match? Is there some design rule you have to follow? Read on and find out!
3 Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen with Crown Molding
Who would have thought that a little strip of wood known as crown molding would make a room look classier? Yet it does. Come explore with us.
Kitchen Upgraded from Dated to Dramatic, with All New Cabinets
Mr. & Mrs. John C. originally inquired about refacing their existing cabinets, but they soon determined they would rather have new custom cabinets.
Are New Kitchen Cabinets Considered a Major Kitchen Remodel?
If your current kitchen storage isn't working for you, no need for a major remodel. Take the opportunity to add a few custom cabinets or drawers.
A Guide to Cathedral Style Cabinets
Want to know what Cathedral style cabinets are and are they still popular? Keep on reading to learn more!
Our Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles
Making a decision about your door style? This article will help you by showcasing our 5 most popular kitchen cabinet door styles.
Custom Kitchen Cabinets Create Country Charm
This family opted for beautiful birch custom cabinets sealed with a warm medium stain, and our popular Vintage raised panel doors.
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