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How Shaker Style Doors Work for Any Design Taste

Kitchen Design and Style

If you’ve decided to add custom cabinets to your kitchen layout and use this transformation to change the look and feel of your cooking space, you’re probably wondering what door style you should choose. 

To help you make the final decision that you won’t regret, we’ve gathered 5 reasons why are shaker-style cabinet doors the most popular choice.

Why is shaker-style cabinetry so popular?

If you’re looking to add custom cabinet doors to your kitchen design, maybe it’s time to get to know more about shaker-style cabinetry.

Shakers were a spiritual community that celebrated their heyday in the mid- to late-1800s. They led lives dedicated to simplicity and practicality (they are similar to, but should not be confused with, our local Quaker population). Part of that dedication resulted in a penchant for homemade, wood furniture - and Shaker-built cabinetry became famous for its plain, rail, and stile construction.


Contemporary Kitchen with White Shaker Style Cabinets


There are several reasons why we feel shaker cabinetry works with any design choice, be it a minimalist-inspired cooking area or a space that says that excess is more pleasing. Here they are, in no particular order:


1. Ageless look 

Shaker cabinets transcend trendiness; they are one of the tenets of a timeless kitchen design that will never become outdated. The simplicity of shaker doors—almost like a flat-panel door but with a slightly raised border—are a large part of their appeal. It's a basic and straightforward look, with just enough detail to provide depth and interest. When you start with a basic foundation like that, your cabinets will look relevant for decades to come, with only a modicum of changes to their color, finish and/or hardware.


Dark Wood Cabinets in Shaker Style



2. It's impossible not to love them

Shaker cabinet doors are used for both traditional cooking areas and modern ones. Traditionalists appreciate the timelessness of their appearance and can opt to use slightly more ornate door handles and drawer pulls if they're hankering for more detail. Modernists, on the other hand, enjoy their clean lines and unfettered appearance. Not surprisingly, a transitional kitchen design will often implement Shaker doors as a way to marry the simplicity of a modern design with decorative columns or accoutrement on the kitchen island, the hood or elsewhere.


3. They look great in color or stain

Shaker doors take paint or colored laminate very well, and both can produce gorgeous results to help you achieve your desired design style. On the flip side, the broad panels on the door serve to emphasize the beautiful natural wood grain patterns, so wood stains are a deservedly popular finish choice as well.


Maple Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets



4. They're easy to maintain

For busy families and professionals, "low-maintenance" is one of the most desired attributes of any kitchen selection. The simplistic design of Shaker doors lends itself to easy sanitizition of their surfaces. Without the copious ridges found in more traditional doors, which are known to trap dust, grease residue, and debris, a quick wipe-down cleans Shaker cabinets with minimal effort. If a low-maintenance kitchen design is high on your priority list, we recommend selecting cabinets with a laminate finish. They can take a beating and are not nearly as picky as real wood doors when it comes to cleaning and polishing requirements.


White New England Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets



5. They're reasonably priced

Typically, this cabinet door style won't blow most budgets set aside for the remodeling project. The price point tends to fall right in the middle-range, thanks to their simplistic construction. Not to mention, their aforementioned timelessness makes them a wise investment that is likely to save you the cost of a future remodel, as the design trend tides change year by year.


Shaker Style Barnwood Cabinet



If Shaker style cabinet doors had a high school yearbook, they could have easily been voted "most likely to succeed." Regardless of your design style, they will stylishly coordinate with the look you want and endure the test of time.


Where can I find high-quality custom cabinets?

Whether you think this style fits your needs or you have your own idea that suits you more, our custom cabinet experts near you will be there to make it happen. Thanks to our dedication and professionals trained to use some of the finest industry practices, you’ll get personalized cabinets that will boast durability and aesthetics. Our experts will help you choose colors and materials that will complement the rest of the design. 

Visit Kitchen Magic’s easy-to-use website and peruse photos of real-life kitchens using Shaker style doors or find the one that fits your requirements. Call us today or fill out an online form to find out your final custom cabinet price.






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