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Minimalist Kitchens: Aesthetically Pleasing, But Are They Practical?

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As you sit in your semi-cluttered home (read: totally normal!), trying to pretend the coffee grounds left on the counter from this morning are just a part of the countertop pattern, or that the dirty dishes add a colorful, eclectic avant-garde aesthetic, the idea of minimalist kitchens might seem ever more appealing.

minimalist full kitchen

Minimalist design inspiration is everywhere. It got its start during the late 20th century, when architects and designers began shunning the ornamental decor of previous generations, creating living spaces that were based on clean, angular lines, functional rather than decorative spaces, and the idea that less-is-more. This was an easy concept for people to buy into considering the nation was emerging from the post-War/Depression era and didn't have money to buy anything anyway. European designers took the clean and simple idea a whole new level, creating a more dramatic version of minimal design. This movement gained momentum during the 60s and 70s, leading to the contemporary minimalist kitchens we see today.

But, before you go ripping out your cabinetry, forcing your family to eat meals from a single set of dishware on a self-cleaning floor cushion, let's explore this minimalist kitchen idea from top to bottom. There are things that work, and things that are decidedly unrealistic. At Kitchen Magic, we will work with you to find that perfect middle ground.




The cabinets

Minimalist kitchens often use swanky, white lacquered cabinetry that is so shiny you can almost see your own reflection. It looks lovely in magazine spreads, but it might not be so lovely in real life. Cabinets usually need to be opened, and that requires hands. Hands leave prints, stains, and smudges behind. Those white lacquered cabinets are simply not functional for real life.

Instead, you can achieve a modern, realistic minimalist effect by selecting something like a Prestige Plain laminate door. Your options include wood finishes, or virtually any color finish you want. Bamboo is also a modern, eco-friendly option. They're both easy to clean and maintain, while retaining the simple minimal lines you're after.


The countertops

Here's our question for minimalist kitchens: What happens when you leave the coffee maker out (gasp!), splatter a little of your favorite pasta sauce (the horror!), or your kids leave a condensation ring from their favorite iced beverage (devastating!)? The entire idea of the design is marred, and you're running around like a crazy person, trying to maintain perfection.


minimalist kitchen

We recommend checking out contemporary countertops that can automatically have clean lines, such as Corian, Quartz, or Meganite, but are designed so day-to-day life can happen without creating the need for an interior designer to put things right again.

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and this is because much of our lives are actually lived there. So, why not make an appointment with the Kitchen Magic experts so we can take the elements of minimal contemporary kitchen design you like, and strike the balance with a realistic kitchen design you'll love? It will be über-chic, we promise!



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