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Kitchen Desk: Yes, or No?

Jul 28, 2016 | by Carrie

The mobile, digital age has transformed the way we do business, and that's beginning to transform home design. The home office, which used to exist only in larger or more affluent homes, is now a priority for many households, especially those in which someone works from home.

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Add to that the need for places to store and charge gadgets and homework demands placed on even the youngest students - home office spaces are in high demand. So, what does a family do if there isn't an extra bedroom or designated office space?

How about the kitchen?

A Home Office or Kitchen Desk is a Smart Solution

More and more homeowners are finding the kitchen makes the perfect spot for a desk space, message center or mini-home office. Basically a free office space in your kitchen. To learn more about this idea, visit, "Add a Mini-Office or Message Center to Your Kitchen."

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In the meantime, here are advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Advantages of a kitchen desk space:

Charging station. Tired of everyone's phones, games, tablets, wires etc., hogging the kitchen bar or countertops? Talk about clutter! Your desk space can come equipped with drawers - which can come equipped with electrical strips tucked into the back - so everyone has a protected space to store gadgets while they charge.

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Protect the gadgets. Along that line, kitchen office centers protect gadgets from the steam, grease, spills and splatter they are prone to when hanging out on countertops.

Homework station. Typically, homework time overlaps with the time when busy parents are putting groceries away and prepping dinner. Having your child working on homework at the kitchen office allows you to continue with business as usual while keeping you accessible when they need your help. We might also add, it helps to keep kids on task - they're less likely to switch over to a computer game or distract themselves on Instagram if they know you can see them...

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Keep things organized. It seems like at least a section of countertop and a drawer or two always end up being the collectors of "stuff" - bills, papers, permission slip, art work from school, aforementioned gadgets, etc. Your kitchen desk space can be custom-designed the same way kitchen cabinets and drawers are, so pertinent items remain organized and out of sight.

Work in between. While we believe in a healthy work/life balance, we know that checking that last work email or running into the home office to make a "quick" correction can lead to 30-minutes later and a burnt pot on the stove. Your kitchen desk allows you to get dinner on while finishing up those last-minute details.

Disadvantages to the kitchen office idea:

It may be a tight fit. If you have a smaller kitchen, this might not be the right solution. Kitchen desk spaces work best for those with larger kitchens, or with kitchen layouts that accommodate a desk space at the outer-ends of the kitchen - a large L or U-shaped kitchen, for example.

Spots and splatter. We mentioned that one of the advantages is that it can protect gadgets and gizmos. Of course, that's only the case if the space is far enough away from stove, sink and snack areas. If you don't design your kitchen the right way, you and your children may both have to use, "the pasta ate our homework..." line at work or school.

Extra clutter. If the desk isn't design just right, or you juggle a lot of paperwork, your kitchen office might end up contributing to visible clutter that would have been hidden out of sight if you had an established home office with a closing door.

If clutter seems to be your modus operandi, you may want to skip this idea and stick with super-custom organized cabinet/drawer spaces to help yourself out. Interested in the idea of adding a desk space or office area in your kitchen design? Visit us here at Kitchen Magic to explore the options.

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