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7 Kitchen Storage Solution Stars

Organization and Storage



When it comes to clutter, consider these statistics. The average U.S. household has 300,000 things, from paper clips to ironing boards. Enter the average kitchen, and the cornucopia of items range from small containers to bulky countertop appliances. Imagine a better place to store spices, sprinkles, prepping gadgets, bags, baking sheets, dry goods, cans and jars, pots and pans, trays, silverware, dishware, linens, utensils, cutting boards, cups, cleaning supplies — and that's just for starters!


Amazing Ideas for Improving Kitchen Storage

"Clutter is defined differently by different people. It centers on a home's functionality — how it is organized and works for the individual or family living there. No matter how it is defined, it is a scenario that interferes with a person's ability to function and feel in control of their surroundings and their day-to-day lives," according to a survey published by the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO). The key is utilizing available storage solutions to improve productivity and reduce stress.

Here are some five-star kitchen storage solutions to help keep your kitchen humming.

Roll it Out:rollout-drawers


Pots, pans, and even spices can roll out in a well-organized manner. A roll-out cabinet's function is allowing visibility and access to your cache, in a way that organizes each item by use and size. Now that's a solution!


Spin Around: lazy-susan


Rotate your trove of kitchen treasures on a not so lazy, Lazy Susan. This time-tested storage solution continues to be one of the most efficient uses of space for homeowners in the kitchen. 


Tip Out:



Tip out trays are the best way to maximize small unused spaces, such as the area between the sink and lower  cabinets. A tip out tray allows you to easily stow and find items like sponges, Brillo™ pads, and small cleaning supplies. No more hide and seek under the sink! 


Make it Vertical:tray-divider-slider


Vertical dividers can instantly declutter baking trays and cutting boards. Never worry about an avalanche of cookie sheets at the bottom of your cabinet ever again. 

Going vertical also translates to cabinets that reach to the ceiling where rarely used items can be stowed and retrieved with a sturdy step ladder or footstool, if needed.


Drawer It: drawer-peg-system


Drawers of all sizes are trending across social media channels as the go-to way to store items in today's kitchen. For instance, John Kanell, founder of The Preppy Kitchen, with 1.34 million subscribers on YouTube, redesigned his kitchen using elegant drawers in varying depths. The real key is soft-closing cabinetry.

Dowel drawers also are trending on social media storage fix for everyday dishware to fine china. These drawer organizers offer a bird's eye view of what's inside, while soft-closing doors and drawers help avoid any damage.


Rack It Up:wine-rack-storage

KITCHEN PHOTO CREDIT: PhotoSynthesis Photography, 2019


Wine racks are a booming trend, and for good reason. In the kitchen, racks neatly store your wine collection in the proper horizontal direction to keep wine in constant with the cork.  Racks for wine are also trending as an organizational option in other areas of the home! In the bath to store towels for a spa like look, to the pantry, office, laundry or hobby room and beyond for items ranging from balls of yarn, to magazines, office supplies, water bottles, even garden items.


Incorporate Open Shelving:Glick-800x553-1


Don't underestimate the power of open shelving. It keeps your most useful items front-and-center without requiring a closed cabinet or drawer at all. It can also be used to tuck small appliances out of the way, without entirely cutting off access.

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