How to Incorporate Antique Lighting into Your Kitchen Design

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Sometimes, clients are so hung up on specific design styles, they forget we don't have to play by the rules. You can have a traditional farmhouse kitchen with a few, swanky and contemporary fixtures - the same way you can enjoy a modern kitchen that incorporates antique accents.

The key is in how you incorporate them - and today we're going to explore the idea of adding antique lighting fixtures into a variety of kitchen designs.

Lighting fixtures offer an easy means to add a bit of eclectic, personalized panache, without throwing off the overall design style. Confused about your style preferences? Take the Which Kitchen Style Best Fits Your Personality Quiz for more insight.


Personalize Your Kitchen Design using Antique Lighting Fixtures

Here are real-life examples of antique lighting fixtures that make an impact. Use them for inspiration as you design your upcoming kitchen remodel.


A contemporary take on antique candelabras

The oldest light fixtures were candles. As technology improved metal works, these candles were fixed in holders and suspended from the ceiling as chandeliers. When all is said and done, contemporary chandeliers are all inspired by these original, historic fixtures.

In this Mediterranean-inspired kitchen design, a very simple metal circle is topped by 26 candle-esque bulbs. The result is an antique-like fixture that works in a very contemporary kitchen design.



Swap swanky pendants for more eye-catching lanterns

Before the era of airtight, energy efficient homes - living structures were drafty. This meant the necessity of metal or glass enclosures to protect flames from being extinguished. More commonly known as lanterns, these enclosed candles-turned-electrical-light-fixture are still used as both suspended lighting, as well as attractive sconces.

Before you select a thin and barely-there pendant, consider whether or not a lantern-inspired fixture might add a little more pizzazz to your kitchen, like the ones hanging above the beautiful kitchen island in this traditional Minneapolis kitchen.



Simple, glass lamp pendants

We love the look of these simple, clear glass pendants, suspended in this transitional Miami kitchen. Giving the impression of re-purposed glass jars, turned upside down over a flame, the pendants are a great way to add style without taking up much visual space. The clear glass allows you to see right through to the enclosed Edison style bulbs, as well as the surrounding design elements. They would be a particularly good choice in smaller kitchen designs as a means of maintaining an open and spacious feel.



Candelabra + lantern combo

This next example combines previous antique fixture ideas, pairing the look of a simple candelabra with a glass enclosure. In this traditional Boston kitchen design, antique-inspired glass pendants add upward movement and a light touch (pun intended) to the gorgeous, darker-finished, wood island top.



Add color & elegance via Tiffany

Tiffany lamps are a signature in luxury lighting design and enhance any kitchen's style with their elegant artistry, as seen in this Colonial Revival-inspired dining room. Tiffany lamps are available in a variety of styles, from pastel to jewel-tones, ephemeral or geometric - making them an ideal antique addition for every design taste.



Looking for the right antique fixtures to enhance the look of your kitchen design? Contact us here at Kitchen Magic and schedule a consultation. We'll find the best fixtures to add just the right amount of punch to your kitchen remodel.

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