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Pet-Friendly Kitchen Ideas You May Never Thought of Trying

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We all love our furry friends and they unconditionally love us back. So, why not make our kitchen space more pet-friendly for them? Many of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen and having our companions close-by is an added bonus for pet-parents.


Pet Friendly Kitchen Ideas


Inspiration for Your Dog or Cat's Dream Kitchen

Creating personalized spaces for cats and dogs alike has been proven to lower stress for them, and it’s a wonderful gesture to reward them for the natural stress relief they provide for us. These creative tips and tricks will help you turn your kitchen into your pet's paradise.


The Feeder Station

Look, food is a top priority—and no one understands that (or reminds us) more than our pets. The feeder station is a great solution if you have a small kitchen and want to optimize your kitchen space.




You can store your pet's toys, leashes and treats in an easily accessible spot. The feeder station can be a bit pricey depending on the model, but you can likely find an affordable option depending on your style.

Hey, if you're handy—go for a DIY verson. That way you can make it custom to your pet and your household's needs. If you happen to have an old dresser you don't need anymore, you can convert it into a custom pet feeder station like the one below.


DIY Pet Feeding Station
Photo by The Thrifty Couple


Kitty Cutout Hideaways

If your a cat-parent, then you know they love to hide. You can give your feline-friends a purr-fect kitchen cubby space to call their own.


Cat Cutout in Kitchen
Photo by Atticmag


When cats have a place to retreat to, they will generally feel more at ease. Many cats suffer from stress, be it from cars making sounds outside your home, or from the other pets—and providing a little sanctuary for them to use when they feel stressed can go a long way in relief.



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Built-in Beds

This built-in bed is not only great for saving space in your kitchen but allows your pets to be right by your side without being in the way. Especially when you are cooking or just enjoying a family dinner.


Built-In Kitchen Dog Bed
Photo by Atticmag

Don't worry they will still be able to beg for food and spot any scraps that happen to fall onto the floor. (We know you were so worried!)


Cat Playground

Okay, we admit this one is bit extravagant but it had to make the list because it's just too cool not to show off. This cat playground was custom built for this home for an astounding 18 cats.


Feline Kitchen Playground
Photo by Laughing Squid

We know you can't exactly run out to the store and pick up a giant custom built playground for your cat but there are smaller and more affordable ones that would fit right into the average sized kitchen.

You could also scale this down big time, and just add some cat-walk shelves to the walls of your kitchen. Cats love to play "the floor is hot lava", jumping from surface to surface without touching the floor. You can satisfy this urge for them with what are essentially sturdy shelves on the wall!


Cat Shelves
Photo by I Have Cat


See-Through Storage

Let's say you've had an exhausting day at work and you come home to feed cute little Scruffy but alas, Scruffy's food is completely empty (poor Scruffy). Well, don't worry anymore. With see-through storage you'll be able to see at a glance if any of your pet's food is running low. This storage solution is also great if you have a variety of different pets in the house.


Pet Food Storage
Photo by


Hidden Gate

This is another great way to maximize your kitchen space for you and your pets. If you have a crazy and always hungry dog like I do, you'll know there are times when he/she needs to be kept out of the kitchen. With the built-in gate, you have the flexibility to use it when needed but without it taking up all of that space around the house. When you're done using the gate you just slide it back into the wall and viola—it's gone. Just like magic...Kitchen Magic. (sorry, I couldn't resist!)


Built-In Dog Gate
Photo by Patio Design for Inspiration


Well, that's it for our pet-friendly kitchen ideas. We hope you find them helpful for you and your pets. As they say, "A house is not a home without a pet" and we couldn't agree more.



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