4 Scientific Reasons to Go Gray in Your Kitchen

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Today’s article was written by Bryan Sebring, of Sebring Services a remodeling company located in Chicago’s suburbs.

It's time to go gray — no, not your hair, but your kitchen. Gray is the new white (or black in some cases) and we love seeing it in kitchen design. Why? Because this multi-faceted color not only has positive psychological effects, but the many shades of gray offer homeowners the flexibility to integrate it into almost any style, with luxurious and timeless beauty.


Suede Gray Kitchen Design

From the Mediterranean and Art Deco styles of the 1920s to the Mid-century and transitional styles of the 1930s and 50s, kitchen cabinets did not change much. A majority of cabinets consisted of warm brown shades with white becoming a bit more common towards the 1950s and beyond. In these decorative periods, gray kitchen cabinets were, to put it mildly, a rarity.

Gray kitchen cabinets are a modern concept, borne out of modern and contemporary styles. The trend has become even more popular in the last few years, with homeowners opting for neutral gray shades and clean minimal lines.

What is the fascination with gray kitchen cabinets? To find the answer, you'll have to probe the psychological effect of gray kitchen cabinets.


1. People Love Minimalist Luxury

One of the most defining aspects of modern décor is its cool simplicity. Homeowners are seeking the luxury minimalism of urban lofts and swanky penthouse suites. This is partly why white kitchen cabinets have grown popular in the last two decades. They bring in the desired simplicity and airiness.

But gray cabinets go even further in projecting a more laid back luxury feel. A kitchen with modern gray cabinets feels like it belongs to a 5 star hotel or some expensive urban home. It creates an atmosphere of understated class and luxury. It projects a chic style without being too forward or brazen.


Grey Kitchen with Under Cabinet Lighting


2. Gray is a Relaxing Color

When it comes to creating a calming look in the kitchen, blue is often the go-to color. Its tranquility is a big draw to many homeowners. Though not as relaxing as blue, gray is also a great shade if you want a serene décor. The calming effect is heightened when combined with plenty of natural light.

Gray kitchen cabinets are ideal when you need to balance out any exciting colors patterns such as brown flooring or a mosaic pattern backsplash.


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3. Defying Expectations

Scientific research has associated the color gray with feelings of pessimism, sadness, boredom, elegance, contentment and luxury. Surprisingly, gray kitchen cabinets have the last three effects and none of the first three. Instead of boring, the kitchen feels elegant and unique with the gray cabinets providing a break from the rest of the kitchen decor. Instead of sad and depressing, the kitchen feels refreshingly calm and tranquil.

Of course, this defiance of expectations lies in properly mixing and matching the cabinets with other elements as well as choosing the right shade.


Suede Gray Kitchen


4. A Shade for Every Mood

Although we're not talking 50 shades of gray, there are about a dozen shades of gray to choose from, each with a slightly different psychological influence. On the light end of the scale there are shades like Gainsboro, light gray and silver. Towards the middle, shades like ash gray, standard gray and cool gray are prominent. For a richer look, opt for darker shades such as charcoal gray, nickel gray and gray-green.

Some shades have a unique look, almost resembling other colors. These are called warm grays and can add some subtle excitement to your kitchen space. Examples include rose quartz (rose-gray), cinereous (gray-copper) and rocket metallic (gray-purple).


Project Berkeley - Reflect Ridge

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