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Loud is Out, Muted Hues Are In

May 24, 2016 | by Carrie

Every so often, design magazines and blogs announce, "Bright, Bold Colors Are In!", with photo spreads of stunning kitchen designs in tropical oranges, vivid greens or bright reds and yellows.

The truth is that these styles are never "In" for very long. They're typically a phase, retreating into the background again over the course of the next few years.

Re-Think Loud Colors & Use Muted Hues Instead

Unless you're a homeowner with bottomless financial resources, it rarely makes sense to design a kitchen with loud, permanent features. It's just too expensive (not to mention routinely noisy and chaotic). Instead, let the permanent kitchen canvas - cabinets, countertops and appliances - be of the more neutral- or muted-hue variety, and save those loud splashes and trendy enhancements for less-permanent accents.

Here are some ideas if muted hues are more your cup of tea.

The Ever-Popular White Kitchen

If you can't decide on a muted hue, think about designing a white kitchen. First, they are never out of style, even when designers say they are (usually in years when suppliers are trying to promote bright, loud hues...). You can read our recent post, Why Winter White Cabinets Are So Popular for more about white's ever-present position in Top 5 lists.

Popular White Kitchen Design

However, for those who worry about the potential stark or cold feel of an all-white kitchen, we direct your attention to our Glazed Windemere Kitchen, where a soft glaze and the addition of neutrally-hued countertop and backsplash create a warm and welcome effect.

Perhaps a Shade of Gray?

Currently, gray is surpassing white in kitchen trend reports. It strikes a nice balance because while it is neutral, gray can still make a dramatic impact. It has a softer effect than black but it still has a contemporary feel to it. That being said, gray can be infused into any design, whether modern or traditional.

Suade Gray Kitchen Design

If you have a smaller kitchen space and prefer darker finishes, gray cabinets might be just the thing as they'll add the rich look you want, without absorbing too much of the available light. This Darlington's Suede Gray kitchen design is proof that gray accents are anything but dark, harsh or overbearing.

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Blues and Greens

Blues and greens also have potential. The key is to stick with more tried-and-true hues, rather than trendy ones. For example, a robin's egg blue shade will certainly stand out, but its rich earthiness can be balanced by the right finishes - and the affect can be timeless. If blue is used on the walls, it can be easily re-painted as tastes change; if it's used on countertops, the backsplash and cabinets can strike the balance.

Blue and Green Kitchen Design

In the case of green, we recommend using cherry cabinets or cabinets with a darker finish. In the Cordovan Cherry Greens, the dark, rich cabinets showcase green granite nicely, but still keep it anchored with a more earthy look and feel. A similar effect is demonstrated in the Custom Glass and Green kitchen, where green quartz countertops are paired with cherry cabinets. Without that darker cabinet finish, those countertops would be closer to the "loud hue" column, than the "muted" one.

Another way you can add a muted hue to your kitchen design is to use a separate paint color for your island cabinets, or between the bottom- and upper-cabinets. This way, you get to play around with a favorite shade, but it doesn't take over or appear excessively stylized.

Working with a professional design-build team is the best way to decide which hues are the best choice for your kitchen remodel. Contact Kitchen Magic to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

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