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Kitchen Solutions for the Vertically Challenged

Sep 12, 2017 | by Carrie

Are you, ahem, vertically challenged? Well, being on the smaller side is something we gnomes understand.

There are solutions that can make the items at the back of the kitchen cabinet well within your reach. So, don't let your kitchen design get the short end of the stick. Yes, there are standards - but all good design-builders should throw standards to the wind, if they're going to interfere with a kitchen's function.

Woman Struggling to Reach Items in a High Kitchen Cabinet

First, talk to your kitchen design-build team about countertop height options. We can alter all of the countertops - or a section of countertops - so you gain ergonomically comfortable work spaces.

Can't Reach Countertop

Use These Tricks to Access the Upper-Reaches of Your Kitchen Design

Check out these accessory ideas before you install a sliding ladder to access the upper-reaches of your kitchen. And, guess what? The following ideas are also helpful if you're interested in an accessible kitchen for a multi-generational household.

Upper-cabinet pull-down racks

While the cabinets might be all the way up there, we can install racks that bring contents down to you. Pull-down racks make it easy to access items stored at the top and rear sections of upper-cabinets. Another benefit of pull-down racks? Now you can train little ones unload the dishwasher capably and safely.

Upper Cabinet Pull Down Racks

Lazy Susans aren't just for corners

Think lazy Susans are just for tabletops and corner cabinets? Not so. We can install them in any upper-cabinet box so everything stored there can be spun front-and-center. Lazy Susans are especially beneficial in pantry spaces, and model with adjustable shelves make it easy to accommodate changes in future kitchen storage plans.

Kitchen Cabinet Lazy Susan

Drawer pegs make organizing easy

Typically, plates, mugs and bowls are stored up above. If that's not working for you, drawer pegs allow you to safely store items in base cabinets that you'd usually store up above. This is another trick for making kids more independent in the kitchen, placing breakable dishes in a space that's easier for them to access - so now they can make breakfast, lunch or a snack without your help.

Kitchen Drawer Organization Pegs

Base cabinet drawer roll-outs

In a perfect world, every cabinet will come equipped with cabinet drawer roll-outs. They are accessible for everyone, but are especially helpful for anyone who has a hard time reaching into upper cabinets - or getting on hands and knees to access the rear or back-corners of lower cabinets. We can help you determine which roll-out options make the most sense, based on what you have stored there.

Kitchen Base Cabinet Roll-Out Organizer

Adjustable shelving enhances upper-cabinets

Always select cabinets with adjustable shelving. By adjusting the shelves to accommodate what you're storing, you'll be able to store significantly more in a single cabinet box. Also, it will help you to store more items on the bottom shelf or two of an upper-cabinet, so you don't have to reach as high as you would otherwise.

Adjustable Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

Ultimately, the goal is to design a kitchen that allows for seamless workflow and easy function. In the case of the vertically challenged, that means designing a kitchen that keeps frequently used items within safe and comfortable reach - and with minimal need for a stool or stepladder.

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