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Fruitwood Cabinet Color - Is It Better Than Cherry?

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Stepping into the rich history of cabinetry, you'll find that cherry, apple, plum, and pear woods once held a special place in the hearts of cabinet makers. These woods were lauded not just for their strength and striking grain patterns, but also for their warm, soothing hues. These were the attributes that gave birth to the term "fruitwood," a nod to their fruit tree origins. 

Although they may have faded from modern cabinet making, the allure of their warm fruitwood colors remains steadfast among homeowners. Now, if you're looking to embark on a kitchen remodeling journey, our Bucks County team of expert kitchen remodeling contractors are here to guide you and show you the charm and versatility of these unique hues.


Cherry Fruitwood Kitchen Cabinets
Classic Cherry Kitchen Cabinets by Kitchen Magic


How popular is fruitwood cabinetry today?

Many cabinets boast fruitwood stains, or fruitwood colors, even if the wood underneath was never part of a fruit tree. While the term "fruitwood" can be used to describe the wood cabinets are made from, today's contemporary kitchens are most likely to boast fruitwood stains unless they've opted for cabinets made from cherry wood.


Fruitwood Stains Vary in Color

It's important to note that the term "fruitwood color" or even a fruitwood stain doesn't refer to a specific shade. Fruitwood stains vary in their color range, from lighter and golden to reds and browns, and they can be applied to wood in varying degrees—from light to dark.


For example, fruitwood finish options would include descriptors such as light honey-gold (like the island in the kitchen above), cherry pear, light cherry and deep reddish brown and mahogany. If the idea of warm, fruitwood finished cabinets appeals to you, your kitchen designer will work with you to determine which wood will be best underneath, and which shade of fruitwood finish makes the most sense for your desired aesthetic.

Observe the wood species beneath

The wood that the stain is applied to also has a marked effect on the aesthetic outcome; if you apply a fruitwood stain on maple, for instance, the results will be lighter in effect than they would if you applied it to a darker cherry sample or opted for a fruitwood stain on knotty alder.


Since the pores of the wood grains absorb the stain, darker grains will appear darker—even with the addition of a lighter stain—than lighter grains would.


What is the difference between cherry and fruitwood stains?

Sometimes customers who've heard of fruitwood stains ask if it's better than cherry, but that depends on what your idea of a cherry cabinet is. Usually, it refers to cabinets made from cherry wood and/or cabinets of any wood that boast a rich, darker and warm cherry stain.


Cherry Kitchen Cabinets vs Fruitwood
Classic Cherry Kitchen Cabinets by Kitchen Magic

However, because fruitwood stains can be mixed from dark to light, your kitchen designer is more apt to show you a variety of wood cabinet and laminate door finishes to get a better idea of where your shade and hue preferences align and then work to find the best finish for your tastes.


The versatility of fruitwood stains

One of the best things about fruitwood stains is their versatility. You can use both darker and lighter accents elsewhere in your kitchen while still complementing the cabinet stain.


Fruitwood Stain on Maple Wood Kitchen Cabinets by Kitchen Magic
Fruitwood Stain on Maple Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Where can I find proficient kitchen remodeling contractors in Bucks County?

Interested in learning more about fruitwood stain, cherry cabinets, and the possibilities for your kitchen? Schedule a free in-home consultation with a Kitchen Magic designer, you'll get expert advice on what will work best for the heart of your home.

Plus, we're incredibly particular about the team we build - only seasoned professionals with rigorous training make the cut. Armed with high-quality equipment and innovative industry practices, they ensure your place in Bucks County truly shines. So, reach out to us today and let's start creating a kitchen you'll absolutely love!



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