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Kitchen Sink Options You Might Not Know About

Dec 29, 2015 | by Carrie

We want to share a few quotes from popular interior design websites about some of the most desirable features in a kitchen remodel:

Undermount sinks (versus the traditional top-mount) are popular for their modern design, while the trendy seamless sink -- i.e., sink and countertop melded together into one piece -- offers the ultimate sleek look.HGTV

Under a photo with the caption, "Seamless design elements," This Old House writes,

Cabinets are flush with the standard-depth fridge and built-in microwave for a seamless look.This Old House
...have a better look at how seamless the layout of this kitchen

The point is that right now, seamless is a buzz word in the world of home design and kitchen remodeling. Part of this buzz is due to the prevalence of more modern and contemporary design tastes - which place an emphasis on clean, sleek lines. However, there is something more visually captivating about expanses of uninterrupted space as well.

Seamless Kitchen Sink Designs

In the world of kitchen design, uninterrupted spaces are also easier to clean and maintain because there is not seam, crack, junction or grout line that can accumulate gunk over time.

If you are interested in more seamless kitchen design, we want to share a few sink ideas you might not know about.

Corian Sinks

Corian Sinks

Most people know about Corian countertops. They are popular in the sustainable design world due to their eco-friendly production and their extreme durability. What many don't know is that the kitchen sink can be made from the same material your countertops are made from, yielding a completely seamless design from countertop to sink.

Because Corian is fabricated in a shop, they can mold the countertop and sink to specific measurements. There are a variety of Corian sink shapes and sizes to choose from, and voila! When the project is done - you have a very fluid and consistent transition from countertop to sink and back to countertop again.

Granite Sinks

Granite Sink

Granite sinks are a relatively new kid on the kitchen sink block. In fact, they aren't granite but, rather, a manufactured product that uses a resin, granite pieces and other materials. Because there are granite quartz crystals involve, they have a luster or natural stone "sparkle" that Corian does not. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and we bet they will end up becoming one of the most popular kitchen sink options due to their durability. You can read more about them in our post, Granite Sinks: Both Beautiful and Practical.

Integrated Sinks

Certain countertop products can be integrated into sinks as well as countertops, providing that fluid look home designs are after these days. Examples of materials that can be used for an integrated sink include stainless steel, soapstone and even quartz. Often these sinks are shaped like a farmhouse sink, which makes for a fun juxtaposition of traditional and modern.

Undermount sinks

undermount sink

While not entirely seamless, undermount sinks. Rather than a drop-down sink, that leaves a big rim that catches debris and gunk where it abuts with the counter, undermount sinks are installed underneath the countertop. That way, you can sponge countertop debris over and into the sink without any obstructions to trap gunk and moisture. Even if the sink is made from a different material than the countertop, the fact that the countertop is unobstructed by the sink edge makes for a more seamless visual effect.

Make sure to ask the reps at kitchen design showroom to show you the latest and greatest in kitchen sink design. There's an entire seamless world out there waiting to be explored.

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