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5 Things That Happened After I Remodeled My Kitchen

Apr 27, 2017 | by Linda Fennessy

We survived a kitchen remodel, and want to share our story. As with all big shifts or changes in life, we wouldn't say it was all smooth sailing and happy faces. There were certainly some ups and downs.

Now that we're on the other side, however, we are absolutely thrilled with our new kitchen and are so grateful we committed to the process.

The Post-Kitchen Emotional Roller Coaster

Let me start out by saying that anyone considering a remodel should read, Prepare Your Heart and Home for the Ultimate Kitchen Upgrade, and then follow the article's advice to the letter. We used our make-shift kitchen for time being while we waited for our shiny new appliances to be delivered. We considered it kind of like camping without the beautiful moonlight.

Of course, it was fall-turning-winter when our kitchen remodel was being built, and #2 of the aforementioned article states, "If the weather is nice, make your outdoor kitchen the primary one for the time being," so maybe we should have paid closer attention to that.

In any case, the dust finally settled (literally) and we breathed a sigh of relief.

5 Things That Have Happened Since Remodeling My Kitchen

5 Things That Have Happened Since Remodeling My Kitchen

Here are 5 notable things that have happened since the remodeling chapter of our lives has closed and we've moved into "real life" with our new kitchen design.

  1. Every morning is like Christmas. We walk into our beautiful new kitchen and look around as the coffee brews. You can still catch me pinching myself as I stand there in full amazement. It truly is The Kitchen I always dreamed of. Sliding a pot drawer out to cook a meal or using the smooth-access trash roll out are some of the small reminders of how much more functional the kitchen is too.
  2. It's a hit with family and friends. Post kitchen remodeling, we had the family over for a holiday and basked all the oohs and aahs. We were so proud of our trendy new kitchen as we heard all the positive comments about our new design and features, "the glistening quartz and color is so glamorous," "the bright white cabinetry is so different from the warped and dated oak," and so on. It felt really good to have a kitchen I could be proud of. It truly feels like an extension of the woman of the house (well, the woman in our house, maybe the male cook in yours...).
  3. Money spent is money saved. Even though our kitchen remodel was reasonably priced, it still pushed our financial comfort limits. During the final payment month, we curbed our itch to spend extra here and there, reminding ourselves of how much money we'd already spent. We pushed our vacation out until next year and buckled down on overall spending. Now, however, we enjoy home cooked meals so much more, and find creative time spent in the kitchen is more enjoyable - considerably curbing money we previously spent dining out.
  4. I care more. I'm slightly less carefree in the kitchen because of the white finishes. While I know it will get dirty at some point, I want to maintain the "brand new" look and feel as long as possible. Sometimes, I admit, I miss being able to shut cabinet doors with a hand that’s sticky from cooking.
  5. We're experimenting together. We've pulled out our old cookbooks to try some new dishes. Flexing our creative muscles in the kitchen is fun. It’s a big world out there with websites and cooking shows to imitate, and our new kitchen serves as the ideal backdrop. We even cook together sometimes, which is something we didn’t do before.

All in all, I'd say that in addition to being an exciting and beautiful remodel, our kitchen has brought us closer together - and it's certainly place that family and friends enjoy hanging out - which is something we've always wanted.

I'm really grateful to Kitchen Magic for making it all happen, and I'd recommend them to anyone who is ready to embark on a kitchen remodel of their own. It's definitely worth the ride.

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