Why Create a Homework Space for Your Child?

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Setting up a special homework area for your child isn't just about giving them a place to study; it's about creating a spot that boosts their focus, drive, and imagination. This space has the power to positively influence their academic journey and overall happiness. 

In today's world of open and spacious home layouts, we suggest evolving from the traditional study corner to integrating a multifunctional space within the kitchen. This approach not only serves as the perfect homework area but also aligns with the heart of family life. Fortunately, with numerous kitchen design centers near you, finding inspiration to craft this ideal work and study area has never been easier.


Kids Doing Homeork in the Kitchen, While Mom Supervises


What is homework space?

This space could be anything from a kitchen table or desk to even a cozy floor mat. The ideal spot lets your child stay close to you or another adult while keeping distractions to a bare minimum. Having a specific spot for homework helps your child slide into study mode every time they settle down to tackle their assignments.

Why is it important to have a dedicated work space?

Instead of constantly worrying about what the kids are doing, we suggest setting up a space in the kitchen where adults, busy with meal prep and cooking, can still keep an eye and ear on your kids.

Doing things together

That's why we designed two distinct yet interconnected spaces in our open-plan kitchen. The contrasting kitchen island gently divides the areas, providing just the right amount of privacy and focus, without isolating anyone. This way, offering help or answering those inevitable questions doesn't mean having to leave the room.

Kitchen Island Desk


Set consistent homework times

Most teachers agree that homework is done best when completed as soon as possible after school - reinforcing newly learned concepts. Regardless, setting a consistent homework time that works for your family, makes doing homework an unarguable ritual.

Designing space to hold school supplies, adding a chalkboard wall or white board and using other visual organizational tools will keep everything you need in one, accessible location.


Kitchen School Supllies Cabinet with Blue Finish

Keep up on their work

By getting more involved in the homework routine, you or your partner will gain a clearer insight into what your kids are up to in school, including areas where they might need a bit more help. Having a homework-friendly kitchen means you're always on hand to offer that extra bit of support. This natural way of staying informed is especially beneficial if you have a child who's on the quieter side or one who might be hesitant to admit they're finding things tough.

White Kitchen with Desk, School Supplies, and Chalkboard

Make it easier to keep up on your (home)work too

Home offices or well-equipped kitchen message centers are a growing trend in kitchen design. These efficiently designed corners or niches allow you to include drawers for office supplies, gadget charging stations, a spot for your desktop and/or laptop computer, etc.

Kitchen Office Space with White Cabinets, Shelves, and Beadboard

We love this idea because it keeps you in-the-loop of what your kids are doing online and it also gives parents a convenient place to check off "to-do" list items such as paying bills, catching up on emails, reviewing bank and financial statements. It will help to show your kids that adults have homework, too!

If kids finish up their homework while you're still making dinner, invite them to join you and enjoy the pleasures of making delicious, homemade meals together while cultivating important life skills.

Lovely Kitchen with White Cabinets, Gray Walls, Subway Tile Backsplash, and Matching Work Desk

Where can I find kitchen design centers near me?

By fostering a space where supervision, assistance, and interaction are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of home life, you're not just creating a conducive environment for homework and study; you're nurturing a nurturing haven that cultivates learning, growth, and togetherness. This thoughtful approach to home design underscores the value of adaptability, showing how our living spaces can evolve to meet the changing needs of our families. Contact the team at Kitchen Magic and schedule a consultation to glean more tips on designing a homework-and family-friendly kitchen.

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