Winter Themed Kitchen Styles and Colors That Look Great Year Round

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In the Northeast, people often feel that snow and overcast skies create a dreary and suffocating atmosphere. Some homeowners opt to design their kitchens around summer theme colors for this reason to keep the warmth and expansiveness of summer in their homes year-round. One common summer color renovation trend in winter is to use warm brown, red and golden colors complemented with vibrant or even neon shades of yellow, orange, pink, green or other summer favorites.

traditional white kitchen

Although a summer theme can look great in winter, it can also make winter doldrums worse by serving as an unwelcome reminder that summer is months away. Additionally, depending on the colors, a summer theme can conflict with holiday or winter décor. For example, cabinets painted lime neon yellow or green might seem too bright and off putting when you have guests over for Thanksgiving.

Of course, a common question by homeowners is “Won’t winter theme colors make things worse?”

Actually, a winter theme using shades of white or gray accented with certain other colors can enhance mood and look great year round.


frosty white kitchen cabinets with rosemary corian countertop


One popular trend in winter theme color renovation features bright snow white cabinets with winter white or winter cloud gray and black vein quartz countertops and white walls.

This trend is especially popular in small kitchens that have windows or glass doors. It can create the illusion of a larger space because light-colored surfaces reflect indoor lighting and sunlight, and the glass can seem like clear ice. This trend also allows you to add décor in any color year-round to warm up the room and effortlessly make a winter theme color combination a spring, summer or autumn theme.

Another popular trend features snow or winter white combined with multiple shades of gray and a winter accent color like blue or brown. This type of renovation might involve snow or winter white upper and lower kitchen cabinets with light gray granite countertops featuring brown markings lightly interspersed throughout the granite.


Cottage Style Kitchen Design

The rest of the theme might incorporate pale (almost white) winter gray, pewter or blue on the walls with a shade of dark gray, gray-blue or brown on island cabinetry and countertops, if applicable, or as a cabinet glaze accent. This trend warms the kitchen while. Like a mostly white kitchen, it also allows you to add various décor to create other seasonal themes.



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