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A showroom is a symbol of what’s possible. It can spark inspiration, help visualize a style, an aesthetic, and capture in time what’s trending. Above all, a showroom lets you take a step into the beginning stages of your next remodel.  

Most people are unfamiliar with the process behind the scenes and what goes into the development of a new showroom.  

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kitchen Magic’s designer extraordinaire, JT Norman, who designed the nine new vignettes now on display in the company’s showroom. Not only was I able to capture what goes into the design process for showroom vignettes, but also understand the intention behind those decisions. 

“Anytime is the best time to remodel a showroom," commented JT. The bigger a showroom, the more real estate you have to showcase a wide array of options. The need to rotate out what doesn’t match the current trending climate happens quickly.  

Like a clothing store moving out last season’s fashions, changing what’s out of style is vital in a showroom. Elements from finishes and color to accents and hardware all go out of style over time. 

JT approaches a showroom in a clockwise fashion. By the time he works his way around and hits the end, the process can begin again.   It's out with the old and in with the new.  

This cyclical process is done in collaboration with Kitchen Magic’s product development team which is responsible for conducting market research on what’s trending, what customers are looking for and anticipating upcoming trends. Staying ahead in this age of social media ratchets up the challenge as information and even styles are fast moving. This team works hard to not just keep up with but stay ahead of the game. 

“We need to do our best to create a scenario where the customer walks in and can envision their space. "JT notes. He explains his design process as a blend between emotion and functionality. He feels his job has been well done when he is able to effectively ‘tell a story’; in other words when a customer looks at a product and feels that it is speaking to them.  

And with a cornucopia of design options, JT’s process is like a puzzle inside of a maze, demystifying what is possible in the space available. From research to color selection, highlighting accessories to addressing the build, it’s all about taking the existing structure and making it more unique than what was there before. Often, one little move can make a difference.  

Regarding the design process he notes, “You can’t design for yourself, you have to design for your audience and communicate with the consumer, figure out what they’re looking for and what they feel attracted to." 

This all builds towards the greater story: the showroom. Nine unique vignettes, all with their own unique aesthetic goals.  

Sitting at the design workspace that has become the crown jewel of the Kitchen Magic showroom, you get a sense of the direction of the industry. Black and white marbled laminate countertops atop Celadon green cabinetry, all under the shadow of artfully placed open shelving. When designing said kitchen, JT commented, “We needed to create an example of how kitchens are so many things now, a large island where a homeowner can host holidays or parties, but also offer functionality for a working professional at home.”  


Shelving units showcase additional storage, and at the centerpiece of it all is a TV installation, offering the ability to stay connected. “Imagine, if you have a relative who can’t make it to Thanksgiving, but they can join you on screen.”  

The headline for this vignette is the laminate countertops. That’s right, laminate countertops -breaking the stereotype that stone countertops are premiere, and the laminates are not an attractive option. On the contrary, the sheer size of the work area displays the pattern in full scale, exhibits its durability and realistic look and feel compared to real stone. More than anything else, this vignette goes to show you can go grand while keeping it cozy and affordable. 


Changing pace, we feature another kitchen - a take on the nautical, where monochromatic elements are broken up with accessories and hardware. At first glance, it’s traditional with eclectic inspiration in the mosaic tile backsplash. It’s here where JT dug further into the atmosphere of changing a showroom. “You’re not changing it every year…(so) how do you change it up and keep it fresh?” he asks, addressing a unique and exciting feature of kitchen design: the swap up. By changing smaller elements as well as showcasing the placement of accent pieces as design choices, you do not reinvent the wheel every year, but can stay flexible, in keeping with trends.  


One of the most difficult challenges facing designers is how to approach the introduction of innovative design ideas while simultaneously offering what’s in now. As a designer, it’s important to steer the ship, showing customers examples and offering style up in a way that begs the question: can you envision this in your space?  

It’s no secret that US homeowners are not as keen on taking or getting eccentric with their kitchen space as is significantly more common elsewhere around the world. Perhaps it’s regional, in that having less space requires creativity to take over. But increasingly, homeowners here in the States are less interested in newer homes and opting to stay put. A growing trend is projecting their personalities through the space they’re given. Homeowners are now also approaching the showroom experience much like they approach a car. What will this kitchen do for me? What are my options? And where can I add my own touches? 

Finally, JT gravitates toward our sprawling monochromatic kitchen, which features clean, symmetric hardware, and clean line cabinetry. And while the most impressive element of this kitchen is its wide array of storage options, the highlight is the Cambria quartz countertops and waterfall edge cascading down the side of this L-shaped structure. It’s here where JT addressed the opportunity and challenges between small and large kitchens. “For small, you want to fit everything in it…for large, you feel like you need to fill everything”. While larger kitchens are an opportunity to mold it into where your imagination takes you, and is a bigger blank canvas, smaller kitchens require a bit more creativity to get the most out of your space. 


“The (Kitchen Magic) showroom is a way for us to show our high-quality craftsmanship and what represents us as a company,” JT says.  He also comments that when a customer comes in and falls in love with a vignette and wants it in their space, it’s ideal.  While they might not particularly want a carbon copy, the best utilization of a showroom comes down to pulling some inspiration from the build and seeing what’s possible when translated into your home. 

A showroom can be many things on your remodeling journey. From inspiration to visualizing the tangible work to a more interactive experience when exploring your options, visiting a showroom is one of the best first steps you can take towards achieving your design goals. 

For those who might be wondering how to decorate their kitchen post-remodel, JT also has you covered. “When selling a kitchen, you change lives…but how can you decorate it?” he asks, addressing a common concern among homeowners.  

You have this new, gorgeous space. How do you fill it with design elements that reflect you?  

JOIN US AUGUST 24th FOR OUR DESIGN SEMINAR on The Art of Kitchen Aesthetics: Design & Decorate with Style! Learn what to place in your space and where to place it as JT Norman along with cohost Briana Hoffert tackle décor selection and placement, teaching strategic décor design for any kitchen space. 

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