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Reduce Stress with Distressed Cabinets


We recently reviewed a list of the leading cause of stress in America. Not surprisingly, money was at the top of the list. After that, some of the main stress-factors were things like not having enough time, taking on too many responsibilities and conflicts in the home and workplace.

distressed kitchen cabinets

While we certainly can't eliminate all the stress in your life. We do know that making smart choices about your kitchen design can alleviate some of the stress-factors listed above. One of our suggestions: let distressed cabinets reduce stress in your life.


What Are Distressed Cabinets?

Have you ever seen an old, weathered, antique dresser or front door? If so, you probably noticed that the corners and faces were rubbed bare in places. There may have been sizable chunks of paint missing - revealing the wood grain patterns beneath them. You may have even noticed that there were different colors of paint visible, showing the layers of paint that had been added over the years - and then subtracted by the years of use.

This look can be recreated with the right paints and techniques, and it results in what we call a "distressed" look. Sometimes, it's as simple as adding a coat of glaze over the paint, which adds a little texture and interest.


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Five Ways Distressed Cabinets Can Reduce Stress in Your Life

Here are five very real ways that a distressed cabinet finish can help to create a more stress-free household.


1. They can save money

Since money is the leading cause of stress, let's start there. If you opt to reface your cabinets, rather than design and build new cabinetry, you can save quite a bit of money. In the case of a full kitchen remodel, we're talking thousands of dollars in savings. Your refaced cabinets can be all-wood or laminate, and they're available in virtually any color or finish - including a glazed or distressed look.


2. Distressed finishes save time

One of the reasons people are so stressed out these days is that there simply isn't enough time. There's not enough time to clean the house, let alone have a little time to yourself for a change. Distressed cabinets are like beautiful, kitchen wear-and-tear camouflage; they do a better job of hiding fingerprints, pet nose smudges and random food spatters so you can enjoy a little more time in between cleanings.


3. You'll enjoy a timeless foundation

This one saves time and money. You know how much money, time and energy goes into a kitchen remodel, right? Distressed cabinet finishes will continue to look great from year to year, and work with a variety of kitchen styles, so they provide a timeless foundation you won't have to refinish or replace for decades.


4. Reduces conflict

Moving through the myriad of selections and finishes can take its toll as couples debate the pros and cons of their individual favorites. For example, one partner may love the look of an all-white kitchen while the other fears it will be too cold and sterile. Distressed cabinetry offers a place where two design styles can meet in the middle. They create a warm, all-white kitchen design. They can be used separately for the island or perimeter cabinetry. They can provide an old-world look in a modern kitchen design.


5. Create smooth transitions

Abrupt changes can be stressful; we tend to prefer smooth transitions. This is as true as it is for interior design as it is in life. Distressed cabinets will help you transition certain styles and colors so you can bridge the gap between traditional and modern, or dark to light finishes.



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