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What To Expect During a Kitchen Measure

Kitchen Installation

Imagine for a moment a world that doesn’t quite line up. Everything is slightly off and askew, from the lines on the road to where your coffee table should be. Scary right? Some things are meant to fit just right, and one of those things is a kitchen, especially your next kitchen remodel.

If you’re in the process of redesigning your kitchen space for the first time, you may have heard a word tossed around: measure. But what does that term mean in relation to your kitchen remodel? What is your “measure", and why will it play such a vital part in your project? Let's take a closer look. 

How do you define a measure?



 The ‘measure’ is an opportunity for your draftsperson to do a few things: 

  1. Confirm the product selections you made at your initial consultation
  2. Take measurements and create a schematic or blueprint that the manufacturing and installation teams will follow throughout your project
  3. Go over the scope of the project that was laid out in the agreement
  4. Conduct a Q&A with any questions or concerns you might have about the project
  5. Take pictures of the space in which work is being done

Also, if needed, you might need to fill out any additional paperwork (EPA forms) or collect any additional information such as building management information if Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required, common in apartment buildings, etc. 

But, perhaps one of the most important parts of your measure is the inspection. This is a chance for your draftsperson to review the following: 

  • The accessories you have chosen will fit properly
  • The work laid out within the agreement by the design consultant can be successfully carried out
  • Confirm that new appliance models purchased by you will fit appropriately
  • In the case of refacing your existing cabinets, we will confirm that they are suitable for this application
  • Agree on solutions if any challenges arise during the inspection.

When it comes to the inspection, there are many nuances to the process. Your draftsperson will utilize a few tools during this process to collect room specifications and dimensions for your cabinets, countertops, and backsplash to create a detailed materials list for your project. Software, such as Cabinet Vision, will be utilized along with a schematic so that we can see what the scope of your project will look like. Your measure will then end with the signing of all necessary forms such as EPA forms, confirmation order, and or change orders (if needed) and an overview of what next steps will look like. 

These are all key steps leading up to your successful installation. It’s also an opportunity to open the door for any questions you might have and also give the draftsperson the chance to collect necessary information about your kitchen before installation begins. It’s another “measure” we take to carefully create the materials needed as efficiently as possible. 


At what point is a measure conducted?




You might be curious…when exactly does a measure take place? It will generally be scheduled after you sign your agreement. It will be the next step for your remodel after a design consultation.  For some of the best kitchen renovations, the natural progression will be…consultation, measure, and finally - installation.  The measure being the bridge between initial steps and final steps. However, when exactly in your timeline it will take place will be influenced by scheduling. This is why it’s important to try and have an open calendar for the duration of your remodel. As in terms of scheduling and how the measure is necessary before beginning installation, availability is key to keep your timeline as efficient as possible. In general, a measure will be scheduled within two weeks of your design consultation and agreement finalization.

Do you have any additional changes in mind?

Second guessing any of the details of your project after signing your agreement? It’s not too late! Whatever your questions or thoughts might be about your project, the measure is your chance to discuss what you would like to change about your remodel. Please keep in mind that once an order confirmation is signed at measure you only have three days to make any additional changes. After that, you could be looking at extra charges and possibly installation delays.  

It is important that you are not only completely comfortable with the work being done in your home but also ecstatic about the final product!    

At this point, when changes are considered, your draftsperson should be able to accommodate you by going through the process below: 

  1. Any changes will be reviewed by a representative to verify and determine if any price adjustments are needed. 
  2. A change order is created along with any notes about adjustments.
  3. That change order will be signed by you as one of the last steps in your measuring process.  

Pretty simple, right? At the end of the day, this is your remodel so keep in mind that even after signing your initial agreement, there is still wiggle room.  Our main goal is that you are sure of your choices and ultimately thrilled with the final transformation! 

What is the timeframe for this process?

We are all super busy!  But especially for a homeowner on the go, finding time to not only schedule something as big as a remodel but also being home for most of the process can be a tough position to be in. And what you might be thinking about now is “how long is this going to take?” Often, homeowners are surprised when measures have the potential to take upwards of 4-6 hours based on your kitchen remodeling needs. Remember, you will be spending a lot of life in your new kitchen for many years to come. Allowing enough time is a crucial component and a worthwhile investment! 

Will it measure up?

Whether you have chosen to reface or replace, gathering your kitchen’s specifications will ensure accuracy and avoid inconsistencies later down the road. Certainly, we want your project to line up with your expectations; it’s your dream come true! Think of it like this, once your measure is done, you’re halfway to a kitchen that will house everything from your next family get-together, holiday gatherings, or the smell of popcorn from a weekend movie night! 

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